Super Bowl In The Bayou…Myth vs. Fact

As a resident of the New Orleans area, I am enjoying all of the preparations going on for Super Bowl XLVII. How great it would be if the Saints were one of the football teams playing in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

The Who Dat Nation would be out in full effect, but the city is celebrating nonetheless. Everyone from the hosts of CBSThe Talk to Beyoncé are tweeting and texting about their excitement over being in New Orleans. There are many myths linked to this area that I would like to clear up so no one, famous or infamous, gets the wrong idea.


1. Myth:  Mardi Gras is celebrated every day in the French Quarter. Fact:  Untrue. However, Super Bowl XLVII is COINCIDENTALLY being held nine days before Mardi Gras aka Fat Tuesday, so there will be applicable fanfare all around. The city is even suspending the regular parade schedule to accommodate the Super Bowl festivities. But any given day of the week, one can rent a place in the French Quarter complete with a balcony and a sack of Mardi Gras beads to give you that ultimate experience. 



Mardi Gras mask


2. Myth:  Every home in Louisiana has a swamp in its backyard. Fact:  Untrue. However, the Pearl River does run behind my subdivision and swamp tours are given there. Merely a coincidence.

3. Myth:  Alligators roam the streets here like a cat or dog would. Fact:  Untrue. However, not to bring up my neighborhood again, but there have been some captures sightings of alligators near not far from my home.

4. Myth:  People in this area talk about food while they’re eating food. Fact:  Okay, that’s true. When we’re eating breakfast, we talk about lunch. When we have lunch, we’re talking about dinner. In the land of the best food ever made, how could you not?

5. Myth:  It is common for Louisianians to knowingly marry their cousin or some other relative. Fact:  Untrue (in my family). However, I will never forget filling out the application for a Louisiana marriage license prior to my wedding. It asks if the two intended to be married are related by blood.


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