The Young And The Restless Makeover

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I have watched The Young and the Restless aka Y&R for over 30 years. I started just like many women my age did, watching it over the shoulder of their grandmother, aunts, and babysitters. I have viewed many of the former daytime soap operas that are no longer with us, but Y&R has always been my favorite. It has been the #1 rated daytime drama for 24 years, so I am not the only one who thinks this. Jill Farren Phelps was recently brought in as an executive producer and changes–big ones–started happening. Cast comings and goings, new spectacular sets, couple shakeups and lots of surprises. Here are the things that I am loving about my long time favorite’s makeover.

1. Peter Bergman is doing an outstanding job as Jack Abbott, a pill addicted, self-absorbed tycoon with a heart. Bergman is showing us all he deserves yet another Daytime Emmy. His portrayal of a conflicted character fighting to maintain control of this family’s company, his life, and his sobriety. Side note: I passed by him in the Detroit Metropolitan Airport a few years ago and stared in awe.

2. Steve Burton of ABC’s General Hospital fame has come out of a very short-lived retirement to join the Y&R cast as Dylan McAvoy. That’s the power of Jill Farren Phelps. His character’s name has already been seen on screen as the ex-lover of Jessica Collins’ character, Avery Bailey Clark. She “claims” he died in combat.

3. Christel Khalil who plays Lily Winters Ashby has literally grown up on this show. I am so excited to see this Daytime Emmy winner being seduced by newcomer hottie, Redaric Williams as Tyler Michaelson. The former model oozes hotness every time he appears on screen. I’m most intrigued to see Lily’s character interact with a love interest who is different from her previous and current loves, e.g. Kevin, Daniel, Billy, Cane. Let’s just say “one of these things is not like the other”.

4. Although Michael Graziadei’s Daniel Romalotti and Jennifer Landon’s (daughter of the late Michael Landon) Heather Stevens are leaving the show, I love how their characters are riding off in the sunset together. I have always felt Daniel was a good guy who deserved love and “Graz” has personified that character to the fullest. I wish Landon would have been able to stay on board. She finally made Heather believable and I adored her as As The World Turns‘ Gwen Norbeck Munson.

5. Nothing shocked me more than Sharon Newman’s arson of the long standing Newman Ranch (a Y&R character in itself) and the orchestrated copycat arson of the popular restaurant Gloworm. However, I applaud the consequences that resulted from it. Actress Sharon Case is giving a voice to those diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder brilliantly. Victor and Nikki Newman have a fabulous, newly decorated, modern penthouse for all to see. Gloworm’s demise has given way to On The Boulevard, an ultra sleek retro hangout for lunch, happy hour, dinner, and everything in between for the elite residents of Genoa City, Wisconsin.

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