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There’s a term for it…writer’s block. However I’m not sure that truly sums up what it is. A block is an object. A block is a thing. That’s how the dictionary defines it firstly. Secondly, it defines it as an obstacle. Still sounds like an object or a thing to me. And if so, when you pair it with “writer’s”, it sounds like it should be tangible–physical. Honey, when I get writer’s block, there’s nothing tangible about it. It’s just nothing. With the exception of a cursor blinking persistently.


The dictionary further defines it as slang, e.g., knock your block off. It subsequently describes a block as wood, property, and a collection of numbers or units. See the pattern? All of this led me to think of things that are based on nothing but eventually led to something.


The alleged premise of the widely successful sitcom Seinfeld


Whitney Houston’s hit song, “I Have Nothing”, from The Bodyguard Soundtrack.


I couldn’t even come up with a longer list.


How do you deal with writer’s block?

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8 thoughts on “Blankety, Blank, Blank, Blank

  • Joi

    I am pretty new to blogging so I can't say that I've experienced it just yet. However, to prevent it, I subscribe to a few industry magazines to stay afloat of what's new and relevant. I also follow other blogs and notice common questions, same for my own blog. I pay attention to commenters replies and sometimes readers send me emails or FB post about topics. I keep a note list on my iPad (it goes everywhere with me) and jot down ideas as they pop in my head. Hope this helps!

    • BeingAWordsmith

      I have received some great tips for conquering this. I appreciate you stopping by, Joi. Keeping a compiled list of ideas sounds like a plan for me. I tend to write things here and there, but if I put it all in one place…I'm sure to be more productive. I'll also check out some industry mags. Thanks!

  • vickimtaylor

    I keep notebooks (virtual and hard copy) of anything that sparks my attention for an idea. Then I harvest those notebooks later when the well runs dry. I try to stay at least a week ahead on my posts so that I can be a little lenient in times of stress. That's how I deal with writer's block on my blogs. As for writer's block when writing novels, that's a whole other story. When the well is dry there, it's arid!!

    • BeingAWordsmith

      Thanks Vicki for that comment. I'm always telling others that preparation is key and I often forget to heed my own advice. Never thought about writing posts a week ahead. Something I'll be working on.

  • dishofdailylife

    I keep a running list – whenever I think of something I write it down in a little notebook and then eventually transfer it to my lists at ListPlanIt. I have a ton of half written posts…sometimes I have a problem finishing things…haha! Eventually they all get written though!