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The Deuce normally goes to bed around 9:00 p.m. He’s almost 6 but has always been Mr. Independent. He even has an alarm clock in his room to wake him up for school. However, he has to be constantly told or reminded of things he needs to do around the house. Pick up his clothes off the floor, put the top back on the toothpaste, put your dirty towels in the hamper, etc.

His bedtime ritual which includes starting to get ready for bed, almost ready for bed, and finally getting in the bed was becoming a challenge. I would tell him the things he needed to do before going to sleep and he would do 1 or 2 of them and ignore forget the other 3 or 4. And he was wetting the bed almost every night. Hubby pulled him aside one night while I was folding my 52nd load of laundry. I heard bits and pieces of their conversation about writing something down. The Deuce gave me a kiss goodnight and went to bed. The next morning I discovered this taped to his bedroom door.


Even Kindergarteners Have a To-Do List by beingawordsmith.com

Does your child have a bedtime ritual?

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10 thoughts on “Even Kindergarteners Have To-Do Lists

  • Sue

    That's a good idea with the list.

    My kids are teens and I still have to tell them to brush there teeth. And I was thinking this morning. Everyday is the same, before school, go get dressed, get your shoes on, etc. So I thought they could do this stuff on their own at this point, but I'm still telling them – lol

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS Day. 🙂

    • BeingAWordsmith

      Sorry I missed this comment, Sue. We moved the list to the refrigerator recently. He isn't crazy about me telling him what's on the list, so if he “forgets” to do something, I send him to the fridge to “remember”.
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  • PlayDatesParty

    I love that list – especially potty being in there twice! We’ve used roughly the same bedtime routine since our oldest was 6 weeks old: dinner, bath, potty (if applicable), dress for bed, brush teeth, read stories, pray, cuddles and sleep. That said, our oldest is only three (going on four), so it’s likely to be very different by the time she’s six years old.

  • meagan

    Aw. That is really cute!

    My sons bed time routine goes more like “I DON'T WANT TO GO TO BED!, WATER, MILK, IM HUNGRY etc until he passes out. Hah.

  • bequoted

    If they don't they should. Maybe I should draw a little picture list for my 3 year old…lol. Andrea @ be-quoted.com visiting from SITS.