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(Updated 9-2-13)

My Life is a Triangle by Being A Wordsmith

40 years ago I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My father worked for a chemical plant. My mother was a realtor. My younger sister is my little sister no matter how old she is. Hubby and I started dating in high school. I was a senior and he a sophomore. 🙂 After college, I landed a job in Atlanta and he in Indianapolis. Many frequent flyer miles. My love for writing peaked during this time.


I eventually moved to Indy and he proposed. Six months later we moved to Detroit for soon-to-be Hubby’s job transfer. We had a beautiful fairytale wedding after 13 years together. When we decided to start a family, I learned I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Hubby never left my side as we battled it and won. Two years after, I had a beautiful 9 lb. boy. 

With The Deuce’s birth, we wanted to be near our families again. Prayers were answered when Hubby was transferred to Shreveport. 3½ hours away from Baton Rouge but still Louisiana. Nine months later, Hubby landed a brand new job in Slidell. 1-1½ hours drive to Baton Rouge and very close to New Orleans. With all the moves, I changed jobs often. But I longed to write full-time. 


Slidell has been home for 5 years now. Hubby and I are enjoying new career paths. I’m finally a full-time writer. All it took was going east, north, and back down south. My life is a triangle and I like it that way.

How many cities have you lived in?

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6 thoughts on “My Life Is A Triangle

  • Julie Jordan Scott

    I was glad to read you today… for many reasons but also because I was feeling rather ancient here at Blogtember… though I love interacting with women of all ages. I really enjoyed your story. After thirteen years… such a love story.

    I am a cancer survivor too: melanoma. Its been almost a year. Still sort of odd to see that in writing, I have to admit it.

    Did I mention I'm a wordsmith, too? Love words, love writing, speaking and creating visual art all around… deep, profound word-love. Hurray!

    Happy Blogtember!
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    • BeingAWordsmith

      Thanks for stopping by, Julie. Glad you enjoyed the post and found some things in common with me. I had a chance to read your Blogtember post just now and left a comment there.
      My recent post Are You Ready For Your Close-Up?

  • Joi

    Hey, you were close to me for a brief period while living in Atl. I am down in Macon, not far from Atl and technically, I've been here all my life. I went away to college in Fort Valley and Savannah, GA but that's it. I love my hometown and like to just travel to other locations.

    Glad you had your husband there with you to go through the battle and that you won it! Great quick autobio! I hope you will still participate with me in my mini blog challenge. This one definitely sounds fun though. Hope you make some new friends!

    • BeingAWordsmith

      I was close. I went to Savannah one year for their annual St. Patrick's Day festivities. And went to Tybee Island for a couple of hours too. I will definitely be participating in your blog challenge. I read the rules and it's exactly what I need to take my blog to the next level. Great ideas!