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The Perfect Grandmother by


I still miss her. It’s been over 12 years since she left us and I still miss her. Essie Mae Horton. She was a 76 year old mother, sister, grandmother, great grandmother, and friend to all. That’s how her obituary described her. She was Momee to me. The perfect grandmother. She’s been gone since 2000 and I still think about going to the phone to call her. I remember the last time I visited her and knew it would probably be the last.


My childhood is filled with memories of her. Sunday dinners straight out of a scene from Soul Food. Vacation Bible School. Summers watching Young and The Restless together. I couldn’t help but think of Momee when the legendary Jeanne Cooper passed this week. Mrs. Chancellor was her favorite. I don’t think we ever had a conversation that didn’t include Y&R.


Have you ever had someone in your life that you could find no fault with? None! That was Momee. I can recall the ONE time she TRIED to say something bad about someone and she stopped herself instantly and corrected her statement. I almost choked from disbelief. It was so refreshing. It’s hard to look at the picture above without crying, because she exuded so much love. All I can think about is the “befores”. She passed before I got married, before I had The Deuce, before more grandchildren and great grandchildren were born in our family. She would have loved all those things.


I’ll never forget the day she steered our conversation to birth control when I was in my late teens. Out of the blue, she says to me, “If you ever want to go to the doctor and get some pills, I’ll take you.” This was Momee born in 1924–married to a preacher! My eyes couldn’t get any bigger when she said that. And then my aunt, one of her adult daughters, who was present at the time says, “What?! You never had that discussion with me!” Classic moment.


What or who do you miss, my friends?

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