Wire"LESS" Weekend

Please forgive me BAW readers for not posting last Thursday and Friday. Hubby, The Deuce and I left Louisiana for 4 days to visit Destin, Florida. I brought my laptop with me and planned to write posts and work on my novel. Well I’ve told you before what happens when I plan… The hotel where we stayed had all kinds of amenities that made The Deuce very happy. But the WiFi was spotty at best. This forced me to UNPLUG. The eye-opening thing that happened was I managed to really enjoy myself without social and print media.

We went to the beach and The Deuce played in the gorgeous blue-green water of the Gulf of Mexico. No muddy Mississippi River water there. He rolled around in bright white sand. And so did I! I didn’t bring any magazines or books or even my phone while we were on the beach. I gave my son all of my attention.


Being A WordsmithBeing A Wordsmith

I did bring my phone when we hung out at the pool or grabbed something to eat. I wanted to capture some of the moments on camera and video. I spent a few moments on Twitter to reciprocate sharing. But that was it! I let e-mails, phone calls, text messages, etc. marinate and simmer. I didn’t even “check-in” on Facebook when we arrived. It was nice.

Being A Wordsmith

During our trip, Hubby and I hung out with a group of colleagues and I was asked what kind of work I did repeatedly. I have stumbled when asked this question in the last year. Without hesitation I told them that I am a writer. I explained that I am working on a novel and will be self-publishing it by August 1st via Amazon. And there it was. Said out loud over and over this weekend. I put it out into the universe. It will afford my family the opportunity to take more unplugged trips.


Are you vacationing this Summer? If so, where?

How do you unplug?

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