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I had been waiting patiently for someone to tag me directly for this Old School Blogging meme that has been going around lately. 

And today it happened, Joi at Rx Fitness Lady tagged me. So here it is…

Five Things I Have A Passion For…

Writing, reading, social media, God and my family, making money $$

Five Things I’d Like To Do Before I Die…

  • Overcome my fear of deep water
  • Win an Academy Award
  • Provide for Hubby the way he has provided for us
  • See my child as a happy, healthy, and wise adult
  • Leave a legacy that my family can be proud of


Five Things I Say a Lot…


HOT Mess (and just like that–emphasis on “hot”)

Boy! (I say that to The Deuce at least 5 times a day)

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

Are you kidding me? (sarcastically)


Five Books And/Or Magazines I Have Read Lately…
People Magazine
The 8th Confession (audio book) by James Patterson 
The 9th Judgment by James Patterson (almost finished)
Black Enterprise Magazine
Entrepreneur Magazine
Bonus: Acting On Her Behalf (my book being published August 2013)


Five Favorite Movies (Maybe you’ve seen them 5 times)…

  • It’s a tie between these two: Scarface and The Godfather (only the original one)
  • Less Than Zero
  • Pretty In Pink
  • Boyz N The Hood
  • Titanic


Five Places I’d Like To Travel To…

  • Paris
  • Monaco
  • Back to the Sandals Resort in Negril, Jamaica where I spent my honeymoon
  • Italy
  • Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas

Five People I Invite To Do This Meme
Andrea at BeQuoted
Shanique at Belize Naturalista, Carmelita at My Go Twos, Robin at robincharmagne and Paula at Paula’s Place


Which 5 books have you read lately?

What are 5 things you are passionate about?

Do you have any of these things in common with me?


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14 thoughts on “Let’s Kick It Old School!

  • BeingAWordsmith

    I wrote an article for Helium.com back in 2008 about audio books on CD. I tried it on CD and loved it. It's great for long trips or when you are in the car alone. Now I have a subscription to Audible, so I can listen to audio books via the app on my cell phone or my laptop. I have a USB port in my car so I can plug my cell phone in and listen to them from Audible.

    Here's the link for the article… http://www.helium.com/items/1139939-clive-cussler
    My recent post Foto Friday: Light At The End Of The Tunnel

  • Kate

    How do you like audio books? I've never gone that route but I listen to the TV before bed and was thinking lately that audio books might be a better route…
    My recent post The brother behind the blog

  • Alison

    “Overcoming fear of deep water.” Yep, that's me. I'm fine in moderately shallow water, but have always kept far from the deeper stuff.

    Those guys look so young in the clip for Less Than Zero! I remember when that came out. Loved it, as well as Pretty in Pink.

    I use “hot mess” a lot too. Of course I have to add to it, as in “hot stinky mess” or “hot unrepentant mess,” or “hot unrestrained mess.” LOL

    Take care, Kimberly!
    My recent post Fashionistas

    • BeingAWordsmith

      Unrepentant? Unrestrained? That's hilarious! I read your Old School Blogging post too and I say, “Shut the front door” often as well. Yes, the actors in Less Than Zero look VERY young. Thank you for stopping by, Alison. I added you to my Google+.
      My recent post Getting Things Done (Part 3 of 4): Reviewing Your Process

  • Mandi Noel

    Your travel places are such good choices!! I've been to Paris and Italy (loved them!) but Monaco, Jamaica, and Atlantis would be really fun and tropical! I've wanted to go to the Atlantis resort for a while now just because it is supposed to be so beautiful and unique!

    Also, I love Pretty in Pink. I'm actually in the midst of a Brat Pack marathon on AMC as we speak.

    Loved reading your answers and getting to know you better!

    My recent post The Bucket List

    • BeingAWordsmith

      I fell in love with Monaco after watching To Catch A Thief with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. And then to know that she was Princess of that beautiful place. Thanks, Mandi!
      My recent post Pick A Peck Of Pinterest Picks

  • rxfitnesslady

    I love how your love for the hubs shines through and for Duece! I don't think I was aware your book was coming out so soon, that's awesome and I can't wait!

    I can't believe I left off HOT mess from my list. I kill that, lol.

    • BeingAWordsmith

      The book is why I started blogging in the first place–to keep me motivated to write. Can't wait to share it with everyone!
      My recent post Foto Friday: Family Feud (I Mean Fun)