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Pick a Peck of Pinterest Picks by Being A Wordsmith
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Are you addicted to Pinterest like I am? Do you lose spend hours looking at all the beautiful boards? I don’t think I need an intervention yet, but I’m real close. So to support my habit, take a look at 3 of my newest pins…


Pick a Peck of Pinterest Picks by Being A Wordsmith


1. I repinned this awesome DIY project from Leah at Fabulously Organized Home. Who would have thunk it? Turn a bar stool upside down, add canvas bags, and utilize it for holding gift wrap accessories. You can even add wheels to the bottom to make it mobile. Love it!



2. Carolyn from Silly Happy Sweet has great party ideas. This one caught my eye because The Deuce has hundreds of Legos.


3. I repinned this great post from Michelle at A Dish Of Daily Life on using Facebook Hashtags. They’re not just for Twitter anymore. Most people were skeptical about them like I was. This post clears it all up. I use hashtags on Facebook all the time now.


What categories on Pinterest interest you most? DIY & Crafts, Kids, Popular?
Do you leave the text description as is when you re-pin or do you change it?

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15 thoughts on “Pick A Peck Of Pinterest Picks

  • kita

    Addiction is not the word. It's like my bedtime story every night I must read it and see whats new on my boards. I learn so much through pinterest although I am not crafty I do like looking at the pictures. I forget to change the text most times though lol

  • Joi @ Rx Fitness Lad

    I'm nowhere close to being addicted to Pinterest. I don't even scroll my TL. I do Lin other people's post though thanks to my blog party. I did at least get familiar with sharing other's work on Pinterest. I do try to create pins for my post and name them appropriately to make it easy on pinners trying to support my blog. That was a great one by Michelle and I like the upside down barstool.

    • Kimberly H. Smith

      I won't even tell you how much time I spent on Pinterest just trying to prepare this post. It is such a great concept. I have learned so much about making it work for my blog. I love how you create pins for your blog, Joi. Readers love images whether it is text or a pic.

  • LuAnne

    Hi – stopping by from Let's Get Social Sunday! So laughing at this post – this is so ME! New follower via Bloglovin 🙂


  • Nellie @ Brooklyn Ac

    I think I am pretty close to being a pinnaholic!! Now the mobile app tells you when you have already posted something to your board. This is sooo helpful because I keep repinning things like they are brand new!

  • dishofdailylife

    Thanks so much for featuring my post on Facebook Hashtags! I really appreciate it! You are the best!!! And to answer your question, I do both, sometimes I keep it and sometimes I change it. I try to make sure the name of the blog that it originated with is on there somewhere.
    My recent post The Semper Fidelis Award: My Blogging Wolf Pack

  • estesfamilyblog

    I love Pinterest! I'm a Pinaddict…spend a lot of time on there! Hubby would tell you I need intervention. I've been on for almost 2 years. We make a lot of Pinterest stuff from crafts to recipes around here.

  • BeingAWordsmith

    Glad to do it my friend. Your posts are always so helpful to other bloggers. I just commented on a #SITSummer thread today on facebook where Pushing Twigs and 2 other bloggers were singing your praises. Thanks for stopping by.
    My recent post Help Wanted: DIY Oh My!