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If you were a fan of Miami Vice or The Wire, you’ll love USA Network’s new hit show, Graceland. Agents for the DEA, FBI, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement live and work undercover in a swanky beach house in Southern California. Men and women. The house was seized in a drug raid from a guy who had a thing for Elvis, hence the name.

The ensemble cast features hunky Daniel Sunjata, right (Rescue Me, Law & Order:SVU) as Paul Briggs. Briggs is a Senior FBI agent who loves a challenge. Aaron Tveit, left from the hit film, Les Miserables, plays Mike Warren. He comes straight out of the FBI Academy to Graceland. The FBI has sent him there with a secret agenda: uncover suspected wrongdoings by Briggs. The two bond and spar due to their respective high marks on the FBI entrance exams.

Other notable performances are given by Vanessa Ferlito (CSI:NY) and Manny Montana (Chicago Code, Breakout Kings). They round out the rest of the FBI presence among the roommates. Ferlito plays Charlie DeMarco. Charlie can transform herself into a classy businesswoman or a strung out drug addict with ease. She and Briggs have a romantic history. Montana plays Johnny Tuturro, the prankster of the group. This agent has been trained as a Navy SEAL and can diffuse bombs.

There’s never a dull moment when these guys try to balance their undercover home life with their undercover work life. It’s high stakes 24/7. Gbenga Akinnagbe (The Wire) has a guest role as Bello, a Nigerian drug lord. A must-see.

Catch Graceland on USA Network on Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m. EST/9:00 p.m. CST. Full episodes available on and


 Are you watching Graceland?
Were you a fan of HBO’s The Wire?

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2 thoughts on “Television Tuesday: Graceland

  • rxfitnesslady

    Kim, you are going to think I'm lying but I am seriously sitting here watching on demand. I have been meaning to check it out. I started with the pilot after the gym this morning and decided to grab my computer and check in on the blogs during the commercials bc they aren't letting me fast forward (bummer but they are short). I'm on episode 3 and I saw this in my bloglovin & I was like SHUT UP! It is so weird to me how similar we are. Anyway, Briggs (Daniel) is SOOOOO fine it's ridiculous. This role is so sexy on him. I am locked in to this TV for the duration of the afternoon until I'm caught up!

    You should be a TV critic 🙂

    • BeingAWordsmith

      Kindred spirits–that's what we are! Thank God for DVRs. That's how I am able to watch so much television. And once again, it's a show that my husband recorded and got me hooked on. It's so much better than I thought it would be. Yes, Daniel Sunjata is fine! I caught a glimpse of him yesterday on Kelly and Michael LIVE! He was singing Vanessa Ferlito's praises on her portrayal of Charlie.
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