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I posted previously about this season of Dexter being the eighth and final one for the Showtime hit. If you haven’t watched this television thriller, check it out on YouTube where there are many clips and season recaps. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! The show contains adult content and graphic violence. Hubby turned me onto this show about 2 or 3 seasons in so I had to go back and catch up. Soon I won’t be able to tune in on Sunday nights to see what this intriguing serial killer who only targets other killers is up to. Here are the things that I will miss the most…



Michael C. Hall. This talented actor has been phenomenal as Dexter Morgan and has yet to win an Emmy for his stunning portrayal. I have been a fan of his since HBO‘s Six Feet Under. He is a natural. You find yourself rooting for a serial killer. Hoping he won’t get caught. Wishing that no one notices he is getting rid of the bad guys with the use of “The Code” that his adoptive father Harry taught him.


Jennifer Carpenter. This powerhouse actress was trained at the famous Juilliard School. Her character, Lieutenant Debra Morgan, on Dexter is her most famous role and it has put her on the map. In more ways than one. She and Michael C. Hall were married for almost 3 years during the show’s run before divorcing. And they still manage to pull off a deep connection as adopted brother and sister which is hovering dangerously close to more than that. Talk about life imitating art.


The Guest Stars. This series has showcased the talents of some of the best actors out there. Jimmy Smits, Julia Stiles, Keith Carradine. My favorite guest stars were John Lithgow and the pairing of Colin Hanks with Edward James Olmos




Looking forward to the rest of this final season and seeing if Dexter gets caught or lives to kill another day.



Do you watch Dexter?
Do you watch any of Showtime’s Original Series?


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7 thoughts on “Television Tuesday: What I Will Miss About Dexter

  • mocadeaux

    I have never seen Dexter but have certainly heard a lot about the show. I really need to up my cable game to include Showtime and HBO – all the best shows are there!
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  • alisonhector

    I don't have the stomach for it. Plus, I don't have any movie channels, even if I did have the stomach for it. I know, you're shaking your head in wonder, Kimberly. I am so not into TV it's not funny. Thing is, I used to be, big time. Like now, when new shows were premiering, you could not pry me from the TV. And of course I was a soap opera addict. Glad to be in remission! LOL
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    • BeingAWordsmith

      I admit it–I'm obsessed with TV. Always have been. I appreciate you checking out the post and commenting, Alison. You have been very supportive, my friend.
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  • Mandi Noel

    I haven't seen Dexter yet, but it's definitely on my to watch list. The main thing that has kept me from it is that my husband has a weak stomach when it comes to blood, so it's not something to watch together. However, I don't want to watch it while he's out of state just in case I get creeped out staying by myself. So it's going to have to be something I watch when we're living together again but he's away at work. Complicated, I know. haha

    I don't watch anything that's currently on Showtime, but I absolutely loved The Tudors… despite a few historical inaccuracies, of course.
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