‘Cause This Is Summertime (In My Fresh Prince Voice)

Summer is my favorite season. Always has been. I loved it as a child because it meant being out of school for 2-3 months. I could sleep late and watch TV all day (after my chores, of course). Be spoiled by my grandparents. Some years it meant family vacation. Galveston Beach in Texas. Disney World. Pensacola. New Orleans. Dallas. AstroWorld (which is now closed). Lots of memories.



As an adult, summer time is still my favorite. It sparks images of sitting outside at a trendy restaurant drinking a Cosmopolitan Martini. Or better yet–a glass of Riesling. Gewürztraminer. As I said in my post, 3 Ways We Warm Up In Louisiana, it is warm in Louisiana almost always. But the summers are out of control. SUPER HOT! 90 degrees. 100 degrees or more. High humidity.

Hubby is not fond of the heat AT ALL. He also is not keen on sitting outside. When house hunting, the must-have at the top of the list for him was a covered patio. I love our patio and don’t sit out there nearly as much as I should. And when we get a cool front, I wish it was warm so I could sit out there. Go figure!


Best Summer Song Ever Made!



Now it seems Summer is winding down and Fall is nearing. That means it’s time to watch the leaves change colors, turn the clocks back one hour, buy a new superhero Halloween costume for The Deuce, and gear up for Saints Football. WHO DAT?!

What is your favorite season?

How are you celebrating the end of Summer?
Do you agree that Summertime is the best summer song ever made?

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This post is for BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo August 2013 writing prompt: Do you enjoy summer? Do you like it when it’s hot outside?

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