How I Know My Child Is A Hot Mess 4 comments

At 1 year old in a Harley Davidson onesie


The only way I could get him to pose for Christmas card

On “happy air” before ear tubes inserted


I am bending the rules for today’s BlogHer NaBloPoMo writing prompt. I already addressed it in yesterday’s post, Hot Momma. And I don’t want to be redundant. 

In keeping with the blog challenge theme, HOT, allow me to expound on one of my favorite phrases, HOT MESS!” In my Let’s Kick It Old School! post, I mentioned that it was something I say a lot. What I didn’t say was the phrase is usually prompted by something The Deuce does. As he prepares to enter the First Grade on Friday, I am remembering how far back I have said that about him.


Showing off his swim medal after lessons
MJ 2.0

And there you have it! The evidence that proves what I’ve known all along. But I could not be prouder of my little Hot Mess. 

Do you have a “hot mess” walking around at home? Already out of the nest?
What do you consider a “hot mess”?


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4 thoughts on “How I Know My Child Is A Hot Mess

  • ssgannett

    That is fabulous! I have three hot messes myself! LOL! One out of the house and two still in…well three if you add dad to the mix! Have a great week!
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    • BeingAWordsmith

      I know you love that phrase too. When I consulted the internet on an actual definition, there were 6 or 7. Some I never even thought of.
      My recent post Pinterest To The Rescue