Juicing, Jonesing, and All That Jazz

Juicing, Jonesing, and All That Jazz by Being A Wordsmith
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I did it! I finished the 3-day juicing plan as of last night along with Hubby. We juiced fruits and vegetables and drank water and herbal tea. Today and tomorrow Hubby and I are eating fruits and vegetables only. Salads, roasted beets, and such. Had my first cup of coffee in over a week this morning. Delish! (In my Rachael Ray voice) OK, my auto-correct tried to make that “Selfish!” Hmmmm.

My Pros of Juicing for 3 Days
  • Did not have to cook dinner
  • Hubby made great juices with the Bullet Express. Lemon or sweet fruit is key!
  • I knew I was doing something healthy
  • It was not as bad as I thought it would be
  • Hubby and I did it together
  • The Deuce “tried” to do it too
  • Did I mention that I did not have to cook dinner?
My Cons of Juicing for 3 Days
  • No boxed wine
  • No caffeine
  • I was somewhat sluggish
  • I was a little cranky
  • The second day was the hardest
  • Deliriously watching Master Chef and Chopped
  • Watching The Deuce eat solid food
  • Did I mention no boxed wine and no caffeine?
Received a new shipment of Limu this week, so I’ll be back on that today. Natural caffeine and energy. If you don’t know about Limu, read my post It Wasn’t The Coffee, It Was The Seaweed: My Limu Experience. This healthy drink is changing lives! You can sign up for it here.


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Being A Wordsmith
Do you watch Master Chef and/or Chopped?
How many times a week do you cook dinner?


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