Ooh! That’s My (Traffic) Jam

Another great week of blessings! I am being featured today on More Than Mommies for The Sunday Sip. Grateful and honored. Click the badge below to go to their website and read the feature.


I’m doing double duty again today: a RESURGENCE post for my blog challenge which is beginning its last week of Even Days and a BLOG LOVE “Post Specific” for the last day of Joi’s Mini Blog Challenge at Rx Fitness Lady.

I will not be bashful. I am seeking love for my some of my previous posts. Check them out below and leave a comment on that post. Thanks!



And these are my favorite posts from Joi at Rx Fitness Lady. Check them out!




What did you think of The Sunday Sip feature?
Which of my previous posts above did you like the most?
Are you a fan of Dexter? If so, what do you think will happen in the final show tonight?

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