Picture Me Rollin’ (In My Tupac Voice) 12 comments

A typical weekday for me starts with getting up…

and getting The Deuce off to school.

Before I leave, I get my coffee started in the coffee maker so when I return…

I pull out my list to begin my batch processing. Read more about that here.

SITS and social media are part of my day EVERY DAY…


Midday I do a quick prep for dinner if needed.


More batching, make sure The Deuce is comfortable after school, and begin dinner.

Hubby and I spend time relaxing…

 …while The Deuce chills after his bath.

Deuce does his night time list before going to bed…



…and then I really relax.


Are any of my typical daily tasks the same as yours?
Do you like how I relax?
Are you a SITS Girl?
Which blogging communities do you belong to?

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12 thoughts on “Picture Me Rollin’ (In My Tupac Voice)

    • BeingAWordsmith

      Sorry, Kenya! I was just showing the things I use in most of my dishes. I'll do a new one soon and give you a shout out!
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    • BeingAWordsmith

      I MUST schedule the social media. And individually. Stops me from jumping back and forth and staying on all of them too long. Thanks Paula.
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  • dishofdailylife

    You are definitely a time management gal. I am envious. Nope my day is spent rushing from thing to thing, totally disorganized. Some of the time anyway. I am a SITS Girl and I also like Sverve. Basically I like meeting new people. I've been really bad about dinner lately with running around to all the games after school. I go cheer them on and then we get home and everyone's wondering what we're going to eat. Not good at all. This week I made 3 dinners on Sunday, but we ran out today. We ate leftovers. I am going to cook tomorrow. I need to remember to prep ahead of time.
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    • BeingAWordsmith

      It's all smoke and mirrors, Michelle! Ha! I would love to make 3 dinners ahead of time. I almost always decide the day of or the night before. We do leftovers A LOT. Sverve has become my new friend. I just had to learn more about it to make it work for me.
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  • rxfitnesslady

    I have a surprise for you tomorrow! I haven't forgotten this sapphire challenge hun!

    I am a SITS girl of course, love it there! Yes of course we share in some daily tasks! Not the duece part but you best believe I want to join you one day! TV…yeah!!! Everyday!

    • BeingAWordsmith

      You have a surprise for me?! I like my cash stacked all the same way with crisp bills. 🙂 LOL I have mad love for SITS. Their site is a huge source of traffic. And their blog tips are so helpful and diverse. Helps me connect with good people like you. Thanks, Joi!

      Shark Tank is back this Friday night!
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  • Hope@ Defining Hope

    You definitely seem like you have the time management thing down. Your day seems to just flow. I like that your son has his nighttime routine on a list. off to read your batch processing post 🙂
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    • BeingAWordsmith

      I'm ashamed to say that it has taken me a year to get a system that works for me. And I still seek out other systems. It's a little obsession of mine. What sold me was Darren Rowse from ProBlogger and the list he made of all the stuff he does in a day's time due to batching. It was quite extensive. He says it's possible because he is able to reduce the distractions and not jump back and forth between tasks.
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  • beignetmamas

    Okay, I've got to get the batch processing thing down. There have been times that I have found myself online ALL DAY messing with my blog. It's so easy to do. My last day off I got online, then the next thing you know, it was 4:30, folks were going to be home in an hour, dinner hadn't been started, and the house was still a mess! I've got to get organized.
    I LOVE Duece's night time list! What a great way to start teaching responsibilities!

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    • BeingAWordsmith

      I was telling somebody just the other day how I can literally be transported into a time machine when I get online unfocused. I look up and like you said the house is still a mess and everyone is due home shortly. I have to give credit to Hubby for the night time list. It is very helpful. I don't have to tell Deuce what to do a hundred times. I just say, “Do your list!”
      My recent post It's My Birthday Complete With Giveaway, Flashback, and Surprise!