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From time to time I purchase blank journals with colorful images or fill-in books to write down random thoughts, ideas, to-do lists that never get done, etc. Yesterday I came across a book that I bought over 7 years ago. It’s called The Book of Myself: A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography In 201 Questions



My intent in buying the book was not because I someday want to write my memoirs. Although never say never, right? What attracted me to the book is the questions posed and what a great keepsake it would make. It is written by Carl & David Marshall, a grandfather and grandson, and is divided into sections pertaining to one’s early years, middle years, and later years. Each of those sections is categorized into family, friends, education, work/responsibilities, and the world.


At 41 years young, I am nowhere near filling in answers for the later years section. And there are some questions for the early and middle years that do not pertain to me at all such as For a while I thought I would marry this person, but I didn’t…, My military experience as an adult was…, or anything sports related.


Allow me to share one of the questions that I have answered so far…


If I had any trouble with Mom growing up, it was in this area…

…cleaning my room. The bedroom wasn’t even that big, but I still couldn’t manage to keep it clean. The floor of my closet was always a mess even though there a closet organizer in it. At one point, I managed to leave an onion that was part of a school project on the closet floor too long. It eventually took root to the carpet and when I pried it apart, it left an awful mark. My mother swore everyday that she was going to come in and clean my room herself, but she never did.


Isn’t that crazy? Hmm, maybe I should write my memoirs someday.



Does this sound like a book you would enjoy writing in?

How would you answer the question I shared?


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26 thoughts on “DIY Autobiography

  • Leigh

    I have always wanted to buy this book I love the questions in it. Maybe I will ask for it for my birthday this year and actually get started on it. I recently purchased a 5 year journal that has questions on each date and you answer them every year. It has been fun so far

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      That sounds like a great book too! I enjoy going back and looking at things I wrote at another time in life. Gives you perspective. Thanks Leigh!

  • Yvonne Chase

    That definitely sounds like a book I’d enjoy writing in. Will pick one up for me and one for my mom. She loves journaling and would really have a lot to write considering she will be 79 this year.

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      79? That’s fabulous. I bet your mom has some stories to tell. There’s a link in the post to go directly to Amazon. Thanks Yvonne!

  • Michell

    Haha, too funny! I was reading Kenya’s response and OMG, I think she was me! I also have drawers full of journals…with nothing written in them, lol! And my room growing up, let’s just say that my version of cleaning up was throwing EVERYTHING under my bed! Now, I can’t stand clutter! Oh well, I guess you live and learn, huh? 🙂

    This does look like a pretty good book. I would totally use it!

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      I still shove things under the bed! But my clutter is definitely light years away from what it was as a teenager. Thanks Michell!

  • Lynn

    Hello there! I said I’d start checking out some of the bloggers from the “One Word” link up and followed the cookie trail here. 🙂 I love the concept of that journal. I may have to check it out myself. It will be something great to pass down to your children and their children etc. Thanks for sharing!

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      So glad you stopped by, Lynn. There is a link in the post if you’d like to purchase the journal. Thank you.

  • Michelle

    I love the idea…I have books like that for my parents and my husband’s but somehow we haven’t gotten around to any of it. I like the idea of doing this for my kids. Thanks for sharing this!!

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      I love physical memorabilia of any kind. I think that’s why I like scrapbooking. All those ticket stubs and programs that you get from events or extra photographs. They are precious keepsakes for the future. Thanks Michelle!

  • Kenya G. Johnson

    Girl I love picking up a new journal because it’s pretty or a neat concept, but it always remains mostly empty. I like this one though. I wonder if I would do right? My room was always junky in high school. I did a 360. I can’t believe I lived in that junk. I took a picture of my room and put in my senior book. There’s proof or I’d never believe it was ever that bad.

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      My mother is stunned every time she comes to my house because she can’t believe that I actually clean up. She can’t get past how my room was as a teenager. But she was the one that always told me, “It will be different when you have your own house.”

  • Stephanie

    I ADORE this idea…!!! As a blogger, it would be awesome to have something like this that I could share with my readers once I answered them and heck, if may even help me right a book all about me, myself and I one day. Because, who doesn’t want to read about a hot mess Mom, you know?

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      HaHa! Stephanie, we are all hot mess Moms. I’m checking out your 2014 Reading List. Great picks!

  • Drea

    I love this DIY autobiography book. My daughter has been asking a lot of questions lately about how I grew up, so I’ve began to write more things down. This book would be the perfect thing to give to my children someday. I’m going to see about ordering this, too!

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      I don’t know a lot about my maternal great-grandmother’s family because they didn’t keep in touch. And many of their public records were destroyed in a flood. Sad that those connections are forever lost. Thanks Jeanae!

  • Karen

    The book is pretty itself! I have a few books that have a similar point. It is great to remember things from the past. It may also give you perspective when dealing with your kids or others in general.

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      The grandfather passed away before the book was published, but his work had been done with the stories he left for his family.

  • Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady

    Yes so much that I’m pinning and going to see about ordering. I think it’s a fabulous idea if only for reflection. Thank you for sharing it!

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      I’ve actually been skipping around and filling in answers to certain ones. Some need a little more reflection or time. Thanks Paige!