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I have been fortunate enough to be nominated for a Liebster Award for the third time. I appreciate my new blogging buddy, Kim at This Ole Mom for gracing me with this honor. Check out her blog, y’all!

I broke the rules last time by answering the questions posed for the award with my post, Madonna, Math, and Myths. You can read that here. Guess what? I’m going to be a rule breaker again by answering the questions and prompting you to do the same in the comment section below.



1. How long have you been blogging?  Since January 9, 2013
2. What’s your favorite dessert?  Creme Brulee
3. If you won an all expense paid vacation for yourself and your family, and you were able to pick the destination , where would you go?  Disney World
4. What’s your favorite Holiday? Christmas
5. Your favorite color?  Red
6. What is your favorite Movie?  Never able to answer this because I have too many favorites. But 80s movies in general are my faves.
7. Where’s your favorite place to shop for yourself?  Old Navy
8. Do you have pets? How many? What kind and their names?  No pets
9. What’s your favorite beverage?  Red wine
10. Do you have a favorite restaurant to eat at ? Name of the place?  Red Fish Grill on Bourbon Street
11. Name one thing you look forward to doing during the summer?  Wearing sandals


Now it’s your turn…


Rewind: Repost is a monthly feature on Being A Wordsmith that gives an update on previous posts.

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12 thoughts on “Rewind Repost: March 2014

  • kim@ This Ole Mom

    Loved reading your answers Kimberly. I love 80’s movies and Christmas is my favorite Holiday. Can’t wait to wear Sandals. I don’t have pets either. We need to do lunch again, soon.

    I wish this weather would make up it’s mind! What do you think? Uggh!!

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      I love answering questions like that. Lots of fun. I appreciate the nomination. Yes, lunch again soon.

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      I introduced Deuce to Ghostbusters last weekend since I knew he had never seen it. He started singing the theme song by Ray Parker Jr. and I was blown away that he knew every word. He said they dance to it in P.E. class at school. Ha!

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      I went to Disney World with my family as a teenager. Epcot Center was the only other attraction then besides the main park. Really want to take my son to see all the added things they have now.

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      It is typically Summer type weather all year ’round in Louisiana, but it still does get too cold for sandals and flip flops during the winter. Once late Spring hits, it’s on! Thanks Ricci.

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      I actually like the build-up to Christmas more than the day itself sometimes. And seeing it all through my son’s eyes is the best. Thanks Stephanie!

  • aimee fauci

    I am wondering if you and I have the same mama! We have 80% of the same answers! From Disney World, to 80’s movies and Christmas. Also I just started blogging around the same time as you BUT a year later.

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      Aimee, my long lost sister! LOL Love finding things in common with other bloggers. Thank you.