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There’s nothing like a good app that increases your productivity. And then there are those apps that just put you in a good mood. Here are 5 free iPhone apps that I use to make me happier, healthier, and wiser and you should too.


5 free iphone apps



5 free iphone apps you should download


What the Square app does

Processes payments that you manually enter from a debit/credit card or by using an attached card reader to swipe the card. A small fee is applicable for each transaction. No monthly or activation fees. A free card reader will be sent to you upon request.

Why I love this app

Square comes in handy when I’m selling paperback copies of my book, Acting On Her Behalf. If a customer doesn’t have cash on hand or their checkbook, I can process their debit/credit card securely on the spot. The funds are in my bank account the next business day if I process card before 5:00 pm PT/8:00 pm ET Sunday through Thursday. Any payments I take outside of or after that time frame will take up to 2 business days to reach my account.


5 iphone apps


What the Walgreens app does

  • Keeps track of your medical prescriptions
  • Allows you to order refills
  • Manages Walgreens Balance Rewards points
  • Schedules reminders for taking medication
  • Provides shopping list, coupons, weekly ads, and more


Walgreens app


Why I love this app

If I am within a few yards of the Walgreens near my house, I receive a notification alert to use my Walgreens Balance Rewards card. The cashier can scan the reward barcode on my phone so I don’t have to carry a physical card. I love getting dollars off of items I buy or no charge at all because I have racked up so many points. In my household, we have various prescriptions to combat asthma, allergies, the flu, high cholesterol/blood pressure etc. This app records and tracks all of that info along with the name of prescribing doctor, number of refills available, dosage, etc.  


5 iphone apps you should download


What the App Genie app does



Why I love this app

See pics above


5 iphone apps you should download


What the Pandora app does

I have posted previously about this great personalized music app. You can stream in live music via stations grouped by artist or genre. Random songs from that artist/genre or similar are played and you can give them a thumbs up or thumbs down which will keep them in rotation or take them out respectively.



Why I love this app

Pandora is always adding new stations to their database and current music is plentiful. I can share the track I am listening to on social media. And I can view the lyrics of the song along with background info on the artist. With the free version, I can skip to another song several times without fail. Once I have reached the skip limit, I have to listen to a commercial or go to another station. I could upgrade to the paid version to eliminate this, but I don’t mind a few short interruptions. SN: If your car is equipped with a USB port outlet on the stereo, you can plug your phone into it and Pandora will play through the speakers.


5 iphone apps you should download


What the Grooveshark app does

It allows you to choose songs, albums, and genres you want to listen to from a huge database of music. Enter search item, click on your choice, add it to a queue, and you are set.



Why I love this app

If I need to hear Bruno Mars’ Talking To The Moon once, twice, or three times, I can. I can choose whatever songs I want to listen to whenever I want to. I can remove songs from the queue, add it more than once, or use the shuffle play option. I can also share them on social media.







Do you listen to Grooveshark or Pandora?

Do you use any of these apps?

What are some free apps that you would add to this list?

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10 thoughts on “5 Free iPhone Apps You Should Download

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      Yes, it would be perfect for vendor events. Thanks Elizabeth!

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      I’ve heard of Spotify but never checked it out. Thanks, Melissa!

  • Kenya G. Johnson

    You know you snagged me with the title of this post 😉 Love Pandora! Never heard of or tried Grooveshark.
    Just fyi PayPal now has a CC swiper for the iPhone. I’ve never used it but research their rates and compare to Square and PayAnywhere. I think Square was the most expensive out of the three.

    Guess what happens to me with the Walgreen app? I’m at the red light across the street and it says scan your card but it doesn’t pop up for me when I’m in the store. For the life of me when I open the app in the store I can’t find the scan part and there are always “non-tech-looking” people behind me, so I just put my phone number in to get my rewards.

    Thanks for the info – Grooveshark and App Genie – I’m on it!

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      I’ll definitely compare the rates between Square and PayPal. Thanks for that info. I’m laughing because I have gone to the Walgreen cashier many times and struggled with finding the card on my phone. And I’m thinking, “I just saw it!”