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One of my biggest ongoing home projects is organizing the thousands of photos that I have: printed ones, those on my computer, in my e-mail accounts, on the camera roll of my cell phone, in text messages on my cell phone, etc. At some point, I am going to organize all of them. Seriously. I mean it.

But for now, it’s Day 9 of the September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge. And we are sharing photos for Throwback Thursday. So check out mine and what it’s all about, then post yours below.


SSEDBC Throwback Thursday Day 9 Being A Wordsmith #TBT


Since it is my birthday month and I am celebrating all 30 days, I thought my #TBT picture should be from one of my throwback birthdays. I shared my awesome 40th birthday pics in this previous post and now I’ll show one from my 32nd birthday in September 2004.


32nd Birthday Party Being A Wordsmith


Allow me to set the scene for you. It was September 4, 2004 and Hubby and I were living right outside of Detroit. My BFF who lives there, Margaret, is a big proponent of birthday celebrations. She celebrates her birthday with a party EVERY YEAR. Prior to 2004, I rarely celebrated my birthday with anything more than dinner or a night out. Margaret wasn’t having it that year. She convinced me that I should have a party at my house and invite my close friends and co-workers. I told her that I would love to have a martini-themed party. But there was one problem! I didn’t have any martini glasses.  


In true Margaret mode, she proposed that I ask each guest who attends to bring a martini glass and gift it to me at the end of the night. Brilliant, right? I thought so. To take it a step further (and celebrate the upcoming Labor Day Holiday), we had a black and white theme and asked the guests to dress appropriately. It was a lot of fun. My Atlanta BFF Felicia flew in for the party and we had the best time. 10 years later, I still have the majority of those glasses minus a damaged two or three as a result of my multi-state moves.


5 things that come to mind whenever I see the picture above:

  1. I wish I could still fit into that outfit particularly the white pants.
  2. That table spread is so PRE-PINTEREST and before I knew how to cook.
  3. The dish directly in front of me features a delicious olive tapenade that Hubby has not made in years.
  4. I hated that wallpaper trim behind me that the previous homeowners put up. I was so elated when we later had it stripped and painted the walls.
  5. Hubby pulled up that floor tile and laid down another fabulous one with no prior experience.


Do you put your pictures in photo albums, scrapbooks, display frames? Or prefer everything on a digital device?

Which birthday party of yours is the most memorable?


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10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  • kita

    Wallpaper is so the thing of the past but I secretly still love them. My 21st birthday was the last and best birthday I have had there was nothing like it since sadly.

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      There is some gorgeous wallpaper out there. I have seen how a really nice pattern can transform a room especially a bathroom. But I certainly don’t want to be the one to put it up. LOL. Thanks Kita.

  • Kim

    So fun!! I’ve only had one birthday party that I remember and that was my 40th. Chris and the boys threw a surprise party for me and it was definitely a surprise – super fun!!!

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      I sent you a birthday wish on Google+ on the 16th! Hope it was well, my friend. Off to read your husband’s post.

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      Who doesn’t love September?! All the greats were born in this month. 😉 Thank God for pictures so we can capture memories and reflect on times gone by. I truly appreciate you linking up for each writing prompt, Mari.

  • Sherelle

    Kimberly, I love the concept of detailing the mood and setting along with the throwback photos! So many times, we just post them, and don’t think about the day or the moment captured in the picture. I hope to have a throwback post up by the end of the day, so that I can link up!

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      Sherelle, you just gave me an idea! I won’t reveal it just yet. But when I do, I’ll be giving you a shout-out for the inspiration. Thanks a million.

  • Kenya G. Johnson

    Girl I feel you on the wallpaper border. When we moved here 10 years ago there was border EVERYWHERE. The living room had that half border going all the way around. That was the first to go. I wasn’t that much of a cook either at 32. Well I think it was around that time that I was making an effort because we used to eat out a lot at that was the beginning of knowing I couldn’t eat the same stuff anymore. Those were the good ole days. I have a post from last month that I can link up to this one. If I manage to write a new one, I’ll link it up too.

    • beingawordsmith Post author

      Ha! Our living room had the half border going all the way around too! And the print was of mailboxes, flags, and birds. Hideous. But ripping it down meant sanding and painting the walls. So we waited until we got someone to do it. Actually the guy who did it (and fantastically I might add) passed away a couple of months ago. I have that memory now too.