Why I Cannot Watch TV Without the Viggle App

So you know I love talking about and sharing my favorite mobile apps with you. Especially the ones that pay cash and rewards. I recently posted 3 Mobile Mystery Shopping Apps That Pay Cash and Everyday Shopping Apps That Pay Cash and Rewards Part 1. Now I want to brag on a TV app that I cannot get enough of…VIGGLE!


Why I Cannot Watch TV Without the Viggle App by Being A Wordsmith


What Viggle is

Viggle is a mobile app (iOS and Android) that gives you points for TV shows, movies, and music that you watch and listen to. The app has audio recognition technology that picks up on TV shows and music that you “check-in” to.


Why I Cannot Watch TV Without the Viggle App by Being A Wordsmith


How it works

Download the Viggle app. Select your cable/satellite provider. Check in to the TV shows and movies you are watching and/or the music that you are listening to. Earn points. Answer live trivia questions if applicable. Earn bonus points for watching quick video ads, special viewings, and other promotions. Redeem rewards.


Why I Cannot Watch TV Without the Viggle App by Being A Wordsmith


Forms of payment that you receive

Gift cards, e-books, music/movie/TV show downloads, 2 week gym passes, deals, electronics, housewares, charity donations, sweepstakes, Viggle merchandise, and more. 

What I have earned with this app

In 9 months, I have earned 28,659 points (and counting). I have redeemed 5 Redbox rentals (1,000 points per rental-Christmas sale) and a 2 week guest pass to LA Fitness (4,000 points) which just opened in my area. I earned 3,168 points just by watching the Super Bowl a few weeks ago. There was a promo to check in to the game, answer live trivia questions pertaining to the theme, and make predictions about the plays. I did something similar during last year’s NBA Playoffs and other popular TV airings.


Why I Cannot Watch TV Without the Viggle App by Being A Wordsmith



It’s so darn easy to use! You receive 1 point per minute that you are checked in to a TV show/movie or song. Viggle has a built-in TV guide that tells you what’s on, what’s coming up, and what’s hot. It will store your favorite shows and remind you of their showtime. Bonus points are plentiful for various features. I absolutely love playing the live trivia question games. If you are watching a show live (verified by prompting you for your time zone), this feature may be applicable. 

The best part about this app is you can check-in when watching DVDs/Blu-Rays and programs that you recorded on your DVR! My daddy uses this app too and we love comparing who has the most points. If you are a DIRECTV customer, check out the additional benefits when you sign up for the first time. I have only checked in to the music portion of the app once! So I could be racking up way more points. Additionally, this app has so many more benefits that I don’t even tap into.


There are times when the audio recognition technology does not recognize the TV show/movie or song that you are trying to check in to. It attempts to do so three times and then prompts you to type the title in so it can match it. This doesn’t always work, but it doesn’t deter me. Commercials and lots of background noise can interfere with the matching.

Viggle Tips

Check-in all the time! Your points will accumulate quickly. If a video ad is offered, watch it. It may only lasts for 10 seconds. Sometimes the videos can be worth 50 or 250 points!


Have you heard of Viggle? Do you use it?

Who is your cable or satellite provider?


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