Chopped Junior Premieres on Food Network

I’m sorry, you’ve been chopped. -Ted Allen


If you are a fan of Chopped, the popular cooking competition show on Food Network, you have heard these words many times. Well, now you can hear them on the kid version–Chopped Junior.


That’s right! The Deuce and I were jumping for joy the other night when we saw the commercial during the broadcast of BBQ Blitz–recent Food Network Star Eddie Jackson’s new cooking competition show. The Deuce is a huge fan of the wildly popular MasterChef Junior on FOX, so he was thrilled to see that Chopped (another favorite in our household) was doing a version for kids.


Look at the gorgeous new sets with hues of teal, yellow, blue, and purple that will amaze and inspire viewers, contestants, and judges. Even the baskets are brightly colored!


The pantry has gotten a makeover too. Fresh produce and high-quality ingredients are still available, but now at just the right level for the contestants aged 10 through 14 years old to reach.


I must admit that I am not too surprised that Food Network has created this new show. They have done several Chopped Teen Tournaments and just finished Season 1 of Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off (The Deuce was glued to the TV for those too), so this was inevitable. 


The young contestants will receive $10,000 if they win the three round competition which includes an appetizer, entree, and dessert made from a basket filled with mystery ingredients. 

Chopped Junior premieres Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at 8/7 CST on Food Network.



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Will you be watching Chopped Junior?

Do you/have you cook(ed) with your kids or young relatives?

What do you think about the $10,000 prize that they can win?

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