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I say it every year, so don’t be surprised to learn that I said it again yesterday: “I can’t believe today is the first day of school!” The Deuce is in the Fourth Grade. Wow! Yeah, I say something similar to that every year too. Oh, well. He was a little nervous yesterday morning because it’s a new school. I was a little perplexed about why he felt that way because it’s his THIRD school in five years because of the way the school district is set up. Anyhoo, he was excited about getting a new bus driver who has more relaxed different “rules”. He also has some of the cooler older kids in our subdivision on his bus this year.


Forms Fees and Fourth Grade by Being A Wordsmith



Me: Did you get homework on the first day?

The Deuce: No, but you did!


He went to school with an empty backpack and came home with a stack of forms for the following:

emergency contact info

truancy threat acknowledgment

P.E. expectations (yes, PHYSICAL EDUCATION-to earn an O for Outstanding, you must submit written paragraphs on the subject. The Deuce asked if it was OK if he worked on getting S for Satisfactory instead.)

PTA membership (optional, but you are a bad parent if you don’t sign up and pay fee)

supply fee (although I already paid 45 bucks for prepared supplies via PTA so I didn’t have to run all over town buying them)

spirit shirt or sweatshirt (because buying new uniforms is simply not enough clothing for one child)

other give-us-more-money forms


We call it middle school in this neck of the woods. I’m in the middle of something alright! 


See ya later,



When does school start in your area?

Were you a member of the PTA?

What were your favorite subjects in school?


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6 thoughts on “Forms, Fees, and Fourth Grade #FirstDayofSchool

  • Jennifer

    I wish I could participate more in school activities, but I have younger children who are not in school yet, There is also this little thing called homework ( and my daughter is just going into 2nd grade). We don’t start until the day after labor day here in NYS, but I know that we will have a ton of forms that need to be filled out again.

  • Kristin McCarthy

    My oldest is in fourth too. I also have one in first and then the unruly little toddler twins…My momming in school has taken a nose dive since Frick and Frack came along. Nothing makes me want to cry more than trying to shove the double stroller through the school doors.

    Thats a lie..>Caillou makes me want to cry more

    I used to front Hospitality Comm. I swear it was more work than when I was teaching…

    • Being A Wordsmith Post author

      Ha! I chaperoned a field trip a few years ago and the other moms on the trip made me feel so inadequate. They said that they went on ALL of their kids’ field trips. And they volunteered for every school activity, class activity, etc. In my head, I was thinking “You have got to be kidding me!”