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Welcome back for Even Day Five of the 4th Annual September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge

We’re moving closer to my birthday on September 12th! Stay tuned for that day’s post along with a giveaway.


Tutelage #SSEDBC Even Day Five of Blog Challenge by Being A Wordsmith


Believe it or not, I did not get my driver’s license until I was 21. I never had a real interest in driving when I was a teenager. I took Driver’s Ed in high school loooooonnnnnnggggg before it was required. But I was content with getting a Driver’s Permit and being a passenger for the most part. I stayed on campus while I went to LSU and when school was out, my parents drove me to my campus job and anywhere else that I needed to go. Well, by my senior year, my parents grew tired of being chauffeurs. So they bought my aunt’s used Toyota Tercel and told me that dorm life was over. However, the car had a stick shift. ERRRRRKKKKKK! Not only did I need to brush up on my driving skills, I had to learn how to drive a stick shift! OMG.

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Coincidentally, my Daddy’s pickup truck and Hubby’s (who I was dating at the time) Ford Escort both had a standard transmission. I received very patient lessons from the two of them, and in no time I was doing it on my own. Although I haven’t driven a stick shift in almost 20 years, I know that I could if I had to. I still remember the basics. Like riding a bike. I also know that I could teach someone else how to do it. It’s a valuable skill to have.


What is one thing that you could teach someone to do?

Can you drive a stick shift?

Have you answered questions from Even Day Three and Four?


See ya later,


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2 thoughts on “Tutelage #SSEDBC Even Day Five of Blog Challenge

  • Lowanda J

    Yes! I most definitely can drive a stick shift. They were the only cars my parents used to have. If I wanted to drive I had to learn on a stick. I actually helped to teach one of my friends how to drive a stick in college. There were 4 of us that were very close and 3 of us drove stick. One had her brother’s car while he was overseas so we were excited to have a car on campus. We would take turns driving especially if we went out of town so we had to teach that one friend so she could help out.