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So today is Moving Day 2 and I have no visible scars. Read my post from Moving Day 1 if you need to catch up. The movers packed and secured our belongings for approximately 7 hours yesterday. They didn’t do it secretly or as part of a covert operation. It was all out in the open and by the book. But for some reason, Hubby irritably approached me after they had departed and asked, “Where is the iron?” Really?  And The Deuce asked me, “Where is my basketball? Did they pack it?” Boy, bye!


I dozed off around 9:00 pm but woke again an hour later. I caught an episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah which always puts me in a great mood. Then I sleepily watched a few shows on my DVR (Chopped, Lethal Weapon, etc.) because they will be erased the moment we disconnect it for the move. Thank God for On Demand. 


In Richard Pryor’s 80s comedy, Moving, his character’s identical twin sons pull the ole switcheroo on the faculty of their new school. I felt like switching places with someone when I arrived at The Deuce’s current school this morning to retrieve paperwork for his transfer. The transfer that I requested LAST WEEK. The one that no one knew anything about when I arrived this morning. While tired and starving and tired. 


Whatever! I’m ready for battle. This move is happening. So get outta my way! Why? Because half of my shit has been packed up and I already forwarded my mail. 

On to Moving Day 3


Have you ever transferred your child during the school year?

What shows fill up your DVR?


See ya later,


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2 thoughts on “My Moving Day…Richard Pryor Style (Day 2)

  • WebMDiva

    You gotta be glad that moving is behind you now! I’ve been in the same place for so long now, if I had to move, I’d probably have a breakdown.

    DVR is life and I watch a little bit of everything. All the Real Housewives, (except New York, because lame) Snapped, Judge Judy, Pretty Little Liars, The Walking Dead…I could go on and on.