Do You Rock the Old School Headphones or the New Ones?

When I need an escape, I really enjoy listening to ’80s music with headphones on a mobile device. These days most people like the simplicity and convenience of ear buds that fight right into your ear. The Deuce has a dozen or so of them in multiple colors. Although I like the smaller fit, I can still appreciate the old school headphones from my youth.


Do You Rock the Old School Headphones or the New Ones? by Being A Wordsmith



For you millennials, I am referring to headphones like the Sony MDR-7506. They have a closed-ear design that provides a tight bass response and gets rid of external noise. They comfortably fit over your ears for hours of comfortable pleasure. And they fold up easily so you can store them. It’s perfect for using while in a hot bath with a glass of wine bumping Mint Condition, Guy, Troop, or Jodeci. You do that, right?


Are you a fan of old school headphones or the new ones?

What is your favorite genre of music?


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