Cooking Channel Recipe Round Up: Tia Mowry at Home

I was a little hesitant to watch Cooking Channel‘s Tia Mowry at Home initially. I’ve been a fan of Tia Mowry-Hardrict’s acting since she and her twin Tamera starred on Sister, Sister in the ’90s. I became an even bigger fan of hers when she starred on The CW/BET‘s The Game. The Deuce even watches her on Nickelodeon‘s Instant Mom. So to see that she was now hosting a cooking show threw me for a loop. But recently, I recorded a few of the episodes and I am very impressed with her natural presence on camera and the fabulous recipes that she makes on the show.


Cooking Channel Recipe Roundup: Tia Mowry at Home


Here are some of my favorites from her cooking show that I want to try.


Seafood Paella Recipe by Tia Mowry at Home


Seafood Paella Recipe

I first had seafood paella at Sangria in Royal Oak, Michigan (now closed) many years ago. I have been dying to make this dish for quite some time. I have been a little intimidated to do so. But Tia’s version is too doggone easy for me not to make it.


Herbed Potato Galette Stacks Recipe by Tia Mowry at Home


Herbed Potato Galette Stacks Recipe

Tia made this dish on her Breakfast for Dinner episode. But they are perfect for enjoying any time of the day. Yummy goodness from a greased muffin tin.


Chocolate-Hazelnut French Toast Recipe by Tia Mowry at Home


Chocolate-Hazelnut French Toast Recipe

Not yo’ Momma’s french toast! Crusty Italian bread, rolled oats, chocolate-hazelnut spread and more. MMMMMM!


Tomato Pop Micheladas Recipe by Tia Mowry at Home


Tomato Pop Micheladas Recipe (A twist on a Bloody Mary)

This picture doesn’t do justice for this cocktail recipe. The finished product involves putting those frozen tomato popsicles into a large glass of cold Mexican beer with a rim rubbed in a celery salt/chili powder mixture. I don’t even drink Bloody Marys and I can’t wait to try this one!


Hot Potato Tots with Chipotle Ketchup by Tia Mowry



Hot Potato Tots with Chipotle Ketchup Recipe

Make your own tater tots! Perfect for kids and adults.


BLT Salad Bites Recipe by Tia Mowry at Home


BLT Salad Bites Recipe

So easy and simple to make! Awesome spin on a salad course. Recipe includes a chive mayo dressing too.


Great stuff, right? Check out visits from Tia’s celebrity friends, former co-stars, and family. Three seasons of episodes from Tia Mowry at Home are available on the Cooking Channel. 


Have you watched this show? Others on the Cooking Channel?

Which dish would you like to try?

Are you a fan of Bloody Marys?


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