My Ode To Olivia Pope And J.R. Ewing

My DVR has a hefty storage capacity for recording all the television shows that I love to watch. But I often have to make some adjustments because my son continues to clutter it with episodes of Drake & Josh, Power Rangers Super Samurai, and A.N.T. Farm. And I’m not complaining about one episode. He sets it up to record every show in the series. Do you have any idea how many times these shows are aired during a 24 hour period ?


Scandal Olivia Pope Fitz

Because I spend the majority of my day writing/cleaning/cooking, I find great pleasure in drinking wine relaxing in front of the t.v. in the evening. My son isn’t the only one with a quick draw. My wonderful husband has one too. 🙂 MTV’s Guy Code, ABC’s Happy Endings, and USA’s Burn Notice are his stellar choices. However, there are some shows that he and I indulge in together because they make me happier, healthier, and wiser.


In no particular order…

1. Real Husbands of Hollywood

Kevin Hart is the funniest comedian out there right now. I fell in love with his genius when I saw his I’m A Grown Little Man stand-up special. He is notorious for making fun of himself before, during, and after his peers do it. When I first saw the Real Husbands of Hollywood spoofs during the BET Awards in 2011, I knew Hart had struck gold. Its popularity prompted BET to turn it into an original series. Some naysayers criticize it as a scripted fake reality show. SO WHAT?! That’s what makes it so entertaining. 4.1 million viewers for its premiere episode thought so too. Actors Duane Martin, Boris Kodjoe, J.B. Smoove and rapper Nelly keep me LMAO as they deal with Hart’s shenanigans.

I am equally tickled by Nick Cannon constantly reminding the world that he was making money before he married Mariah Carey. Celebrities of all genres are making cameo appearances from Modern Family‘s Ed O’Neill to boxer “Sugar” Shane Mosley. One of the best parts of the show is watching singer Robin Thicke, who has no acting experience, effortlessly interact with the rest of the cast. He seems to be just being his charming self. And it works.


2. Deception

This show surprised me. The publicity prior to its premiere was everywhere. I couldn’t Google or Yahoo without an ad popping up for it. I had no intention to watch at first even though it features a black woman in a dramatic leading role on a major network. My dream job. I just wasn’t certain if I could buy Meagan Good as a cop trying to solve her best friend’s murder. It’s so different from all the sexpot roles she’s played in recent years. My husband put it on the DVR playlist to record (shocker!) He’s been right about some other shows that I initially shunned in the past only to have to play catch up on Netflix or YouTube, e.g., F/X’s The Shield, Showtime’s Dexter, AMC’s Breaking Bad. So I gave it a chance and I have been intrigued. I’m also a sucker for murderous whodunits. 

Watching rich people throw money around to cover up dirty little secrets is fun. Especially when they wind up coming to light anyway. As a fan of Victor Garber’s work on Alias and Tate Donovan’s work on Damages, I knew good performances were in store. And watching Laz Alonso do anything while breathing is alright with me.


3. Dallas 

The first season of TNT‘s new generation take on the ’80’s classic primetime soap opera was fantastic. With an average of more than 6 million viewers last year, the show is back for a second season. The original theme music still plays at the opening of the show and brings back memories of Friday nights in my childhood home. The young male cousins are adults now and at odds over the family company and a woman they both love. The reveal of Christopher Ewing’s wife as Pamela “Rebecca” Cooper Barnes was a great twist. Didn’t see that one coming. I thoroughly enjoy Josh Henderson’s badass John Ross Ewing. Can’t believe he’s the same guy who had a small role on Desperate Housewives as Edie’s nephew, Austin. He commands attention every time he appears in a scene.

But there’s no one like his daddy, J.R., the ultimate villain. I was saddened by the news of Larry Hagman’s passing in November. J.R. Ewing is one of the most well-known characters in television history. I still remember the “Who Shot J.R.?” storyline like it was yesterday. Hagman had filmed a good bit of the season prior to his death allowing him to be featured in six of the episodes this season. His passing will be incorporated into the show and bring back former co-stars. He and Linda Gray’s Sue Ellen still have great chemistry after all these years. And she looks amazing. I only wish the producers would coax Victoria Principal from infomercial land back to her rightful place by Patrick Duffy’s side. Let’s not forget that Pam divorced Bobby after the car accident that disfigured her. After having plastic surgery, she chose to walk away from her family because she secretly had a terminal illness. There have been great strides in modern medicine since 1988. #bobbyandpamforever


4. The Real Housewives of Atlanta 

Now in its fifth season, Bravo‘s hot mess of entertainment still makes me tune in every week. It’s the one show on this list that my husband acts like he doesn’t want to watch but can somehow repeat the dialogue if asked. The cast has changed from time to time, but the drama never does.

One thing that holds true with all of the women is that they are not only all about spending money, they are also all about making money. NeNe Leakes told us, “I’m very rich, b*tch!” and she put it on a t-shirt. Love her or hate her, she graced the cover of Ebony Magazine‘s Money & Power issue, landed recurring roles on Glee and The New Normal. That’s just to name a few. Kandi Burruss, singer and Grammy winning songwriter, has a popular web series called Kandi Koated Nights and an intimate luxury line called Bedroom Kandi. Former supermodel Cynthia Bailey has opened her own modeling agency, The Bailey Agency. All of the business ventures that I have mentioned have occurred since these ladies have appeared on the show. While the antics that plague their real and reel lives are constantly under scrutiny, I choose to focus on their money making moves. From the battling “booty” workout DVDs to the lavish birthday parties, all of the women on the show are “Gone With The Wind fabulous.”


5. Scandal

Kerry Washington made history with ABC’s Scandal when she became the first black female to have a leading role in a network drama in 40 years. Even before she held her own against Oscar winners in Ray and The Last King of Scotland, I enjoyed her work as a shoplifter in the 2001 independent flick, Lift. Shonda Rhimes, creator of the hit shows Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off Private Practice, is at the helm of the hottest primetime show right now. People can’t get enough of Olivia Pope, fixer of all problems. In the words of Alicia Keys, “This girl is on fire!”

Households across America are divided on supporting or opposing Olivia’s fling with the married leader of the free world, President Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant. Tony Goldwyn of epic film Ghost fame pines for her in a way that makes one root for their ill-fated love affair. But now that Fitz knows that Olivia “helped” him secure the presidency illegally, things are changing. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds among assassination attempts, marriage proposals, and political intrigue.

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