Just Do It Already!

I obsess over paper clutter, time management, overall home organization, weight loss, goal setting, and hoarder style junk that has no purpose. I constantly read blogs, articles, and books on how to manage all of the above. So it’s not about lack of knowledge. It’s simply about lack of doing. 


I drive Hubby crazy when I begin one project or task and move on to another before completing the first one. I get easily distracted and my brain is always on overload. I tend to think that by multi-tasking, I am actually accomplishing more. However, I’m essentially not completing two or three tasks instead of not completing one. I am a visual person. I will forget all about something if it is not where I can see it. Unless it’s money! I never forget about that.


It takes 14 days to form a new habit. I have been making an effort to turn things that I struggle with into habits. To do lists are minimized, stress is minimized, and I have more down time for recreation. It’s a mindset. These are a few of my new habits…


1. Weekly exercise has become a new habit of mine just by running 3-4 days a week in my neighborhood. Around the block once. Same path, same distance. Pandora is my friend. Listening to my favorite channels is a big motivator. Also using the GPS app MapMyWalk to track my pace. Visual!


2. I have never been a fan of flossing my teeth. Especially when I had braces last year. Pain in the butt! Good dental hygiene is so important and I want to set a healthy example for The Deuce. Now it’s a daily ritual while I run water for my nighttime bath. Swish a little hydrogen peroxide and Listerine in your mouth afterwards to kill bacteria and have fresh breath. 


3. Folding laundry is the chore I detested the most growing up and it still gives me hives. But I have learned to deal with it. I love, love, love watching television at night with Hubby. So if there is a basket of clean clothes (and there always is), I bring it into the living room and fold it all. Hardly aware that I’m doing a chore. Another tip is grabbing a bunch of hangers to hang most of the clothes on. Less to fold! I place them over the back of the couch until a commercial comes on, then I grab them and head for the closet.


4. Compiling random thoughts for future blog posts. I save ideas as drafts so I can complete them later when I have fully fleshed them out. Gives me something to post at anytime and great for writer’s block.


5. I am a big believer in The Secret…The Law Of Attraction. It’s a mindset. It makes me happier, healthier, and wiser. 

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