Meet The Parents…The Remix Version

Ever since my parents retired a couple of years ago, they have gained an interest in quite a number of things. They have more time these days to absorb all that’s out there. More TV shows to watch, movies to see, and food to enjoy. They have also taken to critiquing my blog and letting me know how to spice it up. I previously posted about my parents and their views on life. But since they may now be “contributors” for my blog, I thought I should enlighten you a little more.


Daddy began retirement with a home project involving the building of a small shed in his backyard. After multiple trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot, the small shed evolved into a mid-size house on a slab, complete with shingles, windows, flower pots stored on the window sills, a door that locks, and a brick path to its entrance. Momma says all he needs is electricity and an A/C unit and he can live out there. I’m pretty sure she was serious. On the flip side, Daddy is really into all things new and technological. He reads all the reviews, discussion forums, and fine print on all the latest products. He sometimes consults with me and/or Hubby and then he purchases it.

Momma (of Rita’s Lasagna (Rigged) fame) goes along for the ride but is quite content with a good book and a color television that she can DVR shows on. She even has a calendar she designed to keep up with the dates and times all her favorite TV shows air. Oh, the life of a retiree. My love of reading comes from her and I have passed it down to The Deuce. However, I have never been able to devour a book in 2 days like she can and sometimes 1 day.


It’s quite refreshing to see them enjoying the fruits of their labor after working for over 35 years. I expected all of the aforementioned when they retired. But what I didn’t see coming was how new school their old school ways would become.

5 Things I Can’t Believe My Parents Bought
1. iPhones
2. Google Nexus Tablet
3. 60″ HDTV
4. DirecTV service

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