My Big Fat Fat

I am motivated by goals written or unwritten. Improving my physical appearance is one of my latest goals. I improved my smile with braces, let my hair grow out, and started drinking one glass of water to every glass of red wine. Now I’m drinking a helluva lot more water. But my mid-section is still protruding. I’ve been trying to lose my “baby fat” for quite a while. Quite a while=69 months. I love food–snacking, smacking, and slacking. That’s me!


I recently decided that I can’t be happier, healthier, and wiser if I’m making sad, unfit, foolish choices. So I’m signing up for a 5K run in New Orleans in May. And I’ve rallied some friends and family to run with me for support. For support=so I don’t chicken out. The challenge now is to get ready for this thing because I’ve never done a run or a walk before. Tomorrow I’m going to start trying a few things to help me on this journey.


1. Use an app on my iPhone to track my run/walk around my subdivision after I see my son off to school in the mornings. Great for showing off on facebook and twitter.

2. Do 100 sit-ups and 100 push-ups daily. I’ll start with girl push-ups first.

3. Cut out the fried and deep fried foods. Hard to do in Louisiana, but I’ll sweat it out (pun intended).

4. Buy some new running shoes and athletic gear. Because I have to look cute while I’m doing all this work.

5. Step on the scale once a day to monitor results. Once a day minimizes the cursing.



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