Not Enough Characters To Describe My Character

I am still finding my way through the blogosphere and one common thing keeps coming up: Who are you/What is your blog about/What is your niche? It’s caused me to do some serious soul searching. Can I really tell the world what I am and/or what my blog is about in just a few words or sentences? I just realized the purpose Twitter has in my life. And after I post the link I want to tweet/retweet, I need way more characters than I’m allowed to make it pop.

I’m a Virgo and we are meticulous, analytical, critical, perfectionists. My parents are both Virgos and so is my mother-in-law. So I have always been surrounded by MORE. I have never been inclined to write short stories, because I have way too much to say about any given plot. Insert novel. I do know that readers want a snapshot of what they are about to embark on before they take a peek. So here goes…

I am a…
1. Mother born and raised in the South so whippings for my child are the rule and not the exception.
2. Wife to a man also born and raised in the South so I am still filling in the blanks.
3. Cancer survivor so I don’t sweat the small stuff as much as I once did.
4. Blogger/Freelance Writer/Dreamer so I can create things most people wish they had thought of.
5. Christian so I believe that all things are possible through Him.

And that’s my attempt at a short, sweet, summary.

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