Sprung Out On Spring Cleaning

Two Thanksgivings ago, we held dinner at our house. I was expecting almost 50 people and it was a great excuse opportunity to hire a service to clean the whole house. I was desperate to have all those areas that most people don’t clean daily free of dust and cobwebs. I always wonder if people notice those crevices and out-of-the-way spots when they drop for a visit. I’m talking about base boards, ceiling fans, hard-to-reach windows, ceiling corners, window sills, behind the toilet base, blinds, and crown molding.

Well, it’s Spring Time! So I thought I’d try to do some detailed cleaning myself (AKA free of charge). I discovered that most surfaces don’t need a  lot of maintenance to get them clean. Particularly if they are bound to be covered in dust soon after. Water, elbow grease, and a clean cloth goes a long way. Made some other discoveries as well.

1. Bleach foaming cleansers are great products for cleaning the bathroom. But beware of its residue, because one small bit of it will ruin your clothing. My favorite black and gold Saints shirt has sustained several bleach spots and streaks. Thank goodness I have 2 more. Who Dat?!

2.  Bar Keepers Friend is excellent at removing rust rings on porcelain. Left your shaving cream can on the edge of the tub too long? Your child left a toy with batteries in it at the bottom of the tub? Go out and buy some! Gets rid of it instantly.

3. I am still finding random rubberbands in different areas of the house from when I had braces last year. Slippery suckers!

4. Purchasing some of your cleansers at Dollar Tree (my favorite store) is very economical. Everything’s a dollar! It may not be a name brand or a large quantity, but they work. You can get bleach, dishwashing liquid, glass cleaner, dryer sheets, all-purpose cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner among other things.

5. Working from the back of the house toward the front of the house keeps me on track. It eliminates getting distracted and eliminates working on several areas at the same time and getting discouraged. It makes for a clean path also.

Have you started your spring cleaning yet?

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