Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

8 thoughts on “Blankety, Blank, Blank, Blank

  1. I am pretty new to blogging so I can't say that I've experienced it just yet. However, to prevent it, I subscribe to a few industry magazines to stay afloat of what's new and relevant. I also follow other blogs and notice common questions, same for my own blog. I pay attention to commenters replies and sometimes readers send me emails or FB post about topics. I keep a note list on my iPad (it goes everywhere with me) and jot down ideas as they pop in my head. Hope this helps!

    1. I have received some great tips for conquering this. I appreciate you stopping by, Joi. Keeping a compiled list of ideas sounds like a plan for me. I tend to write things here and there, but if I put it all in one place…I'm sure to be more productive. I'll also check out some industry mags. Thanks!

  2. I keep notebooks (virtual and hard copy) of anything that sparks my attention for an idea. Then I harvest those notebooks later when the well runs dry. I try to stay at least a week ahead on my posts so that I can be a little lenient in times of stress. That's how I deal with writer's block on my blogs. As for writer's block when writing novels, that's a whole other story. When the well is dry there, it's arid!!

    1. Thanks Vicki for that comment. I'm always telling others that preparation is key and I often forget to heed my own advice. Never thought about writing posts a week ahead. Something I'll be working on.

  3. I keep a running list – whenever I think of something I write it down in a little notebook and then eventually transfer it to my lists at ListPlanIt. I have a ton of half written posts…sometimes I have a problem finishing things…haha! Eventually they all get written though!

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