Gratitude Thursday: Technology

This week has been a productive one for me so far. Not so much for things that I have accomplished but for the things that I have discovered. They will make some of my priorities pan out quicker and more efficiently. So on this Thursday, I am grateful for:


Sam’s Club Self Checkout

Ordinarily I visit Sam’s Club for things we need in bulk. I go there once every 6 weeks or so. Today I needed to pick up only 5 items and they have the best price in town for them. I was dreading the wait in line behind customers with a full basket and overflow items in their hands. And then I discovered this. Jackpot!


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I have talked about this before, but Twitter has been very instrumental in getting my voice out there. I have connected with some great bloggers, inspiring entrepreneurs, and even a few celebrities. The ability to share ideas and tips on such a large scale has been benefiting me well.

And as always, I am grateful for my family and many blessings.

What are you grateful for this Thursday?

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