Wordy Wednesday: Facetious

Words fascinate me. Always have. Sound. Meaning. Placement.


English was always my best subject in school because I enjoyed it. Language skills. Grammar. Punctuation. All of it. My favorite high school English teacher, the late George Jones, loved to use the word, facetious. Everyone who took his class knew its spelling and its definition. I use it all the time. Probably the poster child for it.


On Sunday while watching CBS’s The Good Wife, I picked up a new word. Sophistry. Nice, huh? I had to look it up. Even had to use spell check on my cell phone first. I’m good, but I’m not that good. Sophistry, as defined by Merriam-Webster, means subtly deceptive reasoning or argumentation. It’s first known use is during the 14th Century. To take it a step further, Merriam-Webster breaks it down for kids: reasoning or arguments typical of a sophist. So what’s a sophist? A philosopher. The Good Wife is a hit drama about lawyers, their vices, and their struggles to keep balance in their lives. The word sounds appropriate to me.


Which words have you learned recently?   

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