Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

19 thoughts on “Can Wii Be Friends Again?

  1. Mine would probably be my treadmill. Its in the basement though, so I feel like I am in the dungeon using it. Well anyway the last time I hopped on, it decided not to work (perhaps getting back at me for not using it much this winter?) and now its summer so it probably won't get fixed till the weather turns cold again!

    1. When I lived in Michigan, we had a treadmill in the basement that collected dust too. Bought it at a garage sale, used it a few times, and then sold it in a garage sale.

  2. My Wii fit has never been used. My kettle bells are gathering dust. It is all pathetic!

  3. I love the title of your post! Creative 🙂 I should probably apologize to my hand weights. I haven't been using them very much lately.

    1. So glad you took the time to comment, Amanda. Started following your blog. I can really use your writing tips for my fiction manuscript. I overly obsess about grammar and punctuation.

  4. Yup know the feeling, you may have inspired me to get my duster out and check how many days I've been absent – congratulation on the medal, that's a huge effort.

  5. Congratulations on your medal! I need to be more consistent with my exercise in general. Stopping by from the link up 🙂

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