Can Wii Be Friends Again?

Can Wii Be Friends Again?


Elliptical machine.

Free weights.


Most homes have a piece of fitness equipment collecting dust. Mine is the Wii Fit. Fantastic interactive system for working out that I bought a few years ago. I have never been fond of exercise, but I fell in love with this product. We already had a Nintendo Wii System, so all I had to do was buy the aerobic step board and the disc. The best part for me is playing games that strengthen and tone my body and I forget that I’m exercising. 


However, I must apologize to my Wii Fit for neglecting it. It entertained me and motivated me and I turned my back on it. So easy to use and tracks your weight, BMI, and all the activities you do on it. Hubby and I would compete against each other to see who could unlock the most games. It compares our progress. I’ve always wanted to indulge in Yoga and Pilates and this system has that. But I’ve barely scratched the surface with it. When you begin the CD, there is a little person inside of that system (a Mii) that scolds tells you they haven’t seen you in XXX days. I am going to have to hear that when I turn it back on. I’m so ashamed.


Please forgive me, Wii Fit. I haven’t completely abandoned you. I know exactly where you are and remember what you look like. How about you give me another chance? You will not be sorry. I ran walked a 5K this past weekend and received a 2nd Place medal. I’m ready for more. Let’s be friends again. Truce?


Which piece of fitness equipment do you need to make peace with?

This post is for Day 13 of the Blog Every Day In May Challenge: Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.

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