I Meant To Do That

Are you a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) aficionado? The extent of my DIY experience is scrapbooking. But I would love to learn how to make home decor items and unique gifts for friends and family. I could spend hours on Pinterest looking at all the great ideas on there. I did take a stab at something creative a couple of years ago.

The previous owners of my home left the window treatments on all of the windows. Some I like and some I’d like to replace. The large windows in our living room have mini blinds. They also had dark red, raw silk curtain panels that I adored. They hung from a really nice wooden curtain rod.



One of our first changes when we moved in was to paint the living room yellow. It made the room come alive. We painted the other end of the room an olive green. Therefore, the red curtains didn’t match any longer. So I put them aside but left the wooden curtain rod up, because I thought it still made a great accent without the curtains.


I didn’t like the window treatments left behind in my bedroom, so I took them down and realized that the red curtains would look great in there. I tried to save some money and hand wash the dusty raw silk curtains instead of taking them to a dry cleaner. They shrunk a little bit in the process, lost some of their luster, and looked a little warped. But I ironed them and the “new length” matched perfectly with the windows in my bedroom. However, they didn’t exactly hang the same way anymore. I found some inexpensive dark brown curtain tassel tie backs at Bed Bath And Beyond. I double knotted them around each curtain panel and… 



What is your favorite DIY project?

This post is for Day 5 of Rx Fitness Lady’s Mini Blog Challenge Party: An Appropriate DIY Project


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