I’m Not Blushing…My Face Is On Fire


Obama Osama O’Reilly

If I’m at a social event or a casual get-together, I could talk your head off about writing, celebrities, movies, gossip, my family, reality TV, etc. Especially if I have a libation in my hand. However, if you want to get rid of me quick, start talking about politics and foreign affairs. First of all, I don’t want to discuss political or religious views in certain settings AT ALL. Secondly I am not well versed in politics or foreign affairs, so I’m at a huge disadvantage. Not cool. I don’t like that. Listening to a radio show or watching a tv commentary on those things is no problem. I can actually follow that. But when you turn to me and say, “So what’s your take on that?” I don’t hear you because I have already left the building.


My PSA To The World At Large: 

  • Stop talking about getting hit by a bus if you tend to walk across the street a lot. 
  • If you share an elevator with me, do not comment on the possibility of getting stuck in one.
  • Potentially hazardous situation? Say something positive, not that other thing!


Oh No You Didn’t

My skin actually crawls when I hear a child disrespecting their parents in my presence. It doesn’t matter if it’s the tone, the words, or the facial expression that is to blame. I witness it most when I’m in a retail store. I pretend not to be aware as I wait to see if the parent will discipline them. Pop to the head? Slap to the butt? Death threat that could lead to a call to Children & Family Services? Sadly these days, most parents shrug it off or laugh. Not from embarrassment, but because that’s how they choose to deal with it. Either way I stand there like a deer in headlights, because I’m embarrassed for them. 



What makes you squirm with discomfort?



This post is for Day 3 of the Blog Every Day In May Challenge: Things That Make You Uncomfortable

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