Party Favors

Today is the last day of the Mini Blog Challenge Party hosted by Joi at Rx Fitness Lady. I have had a great time, learned and tried some new things, and connected with some fabulous bloggers. Thank you, Joi, for giving me some much needed motivation. So glad we have connected in so many ways. BTW I forgot to mention to you that I’m a fan of Shark Tank too! Congratulations again on being a featured blogger on The SITS Girls site.

Because I truly believe it takes a village to grow a blog, please allow me to suggest some blogs to follow…

Shanique at Belize Naturalista–I first connected with this Caribbean blogger during the Blog Every Day in May Challenge. We further connected with the Mini Blog Challenge this week. I love reading blogs from other parts of the world. Shanique is a newbie with a fresh perspective that you’ll enjoy. She loves to read, sit in silence, eat cheesecake, and take care of her siblings.


Defining Hope

Hope at Defining Hope–Both of us are members of The SITS community where she was featured as a blogger for the day. We connected again with the Mini Blog Challenge. Hope talks about happy, healthy, and wise things like I do. She also has a great sense of humor. Check out this funny post about her son.

Andrea at BeQuoted–I discovered Andrea’s blog when she was a SITS featured blogger. Another happy, healthy, wise blogger like me. She participated in the Mini Blog Challenge also. She offers great relationship advice and…great quotes.

Nellie at Brooklyn Active Mama-Nellie married her high school sweetheart like I did. She is a mother and fitness addict who teaches Zumba. She was a SITS featured blogger who participated in the Mini Blog Challenge. And she was my 100th Twitter follower.

Kate at The Sticky Mom-I nominated Kate for a Liebster Award last month after I discovered her blog through SITS. This newbie blogger tackles life as a wife and mother to two little ones that are 13 months apart. Her blog has a crisp, clean design and her great attitude leaps from the screen. What we have in common: a love of wine, cheese, coffee and long baths.



Latoya at Kismet and Kilograms blogs about her weight loss journey and her plans for her upcoming wedding. This engaged mother accounts for another happy, healthy, and wise girl in my midst! I connected with her this week via the Mini Blog Challenge.

Paula at Paula’s Place–Paula is a rock star! I connected with her via the Blog Every Day In May Challenge. She is a nurse, mother, and wife. She is committed to her husband who she is a caregiver for as he battles Parkinson’s Disease. He is in the hospice stage now. Paula’s blog chronicles their life and her determination to uphold her wedding vows by being by her husband’s side. And somehow she manages to take on multiple blog challenges each month.

Are you already following one or more of the blogs I mentioned?

This post is for Day 7 of Rx Fitness Lady’s Mini Blog Challenge Party: 7 Blogs To Follow And Why


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