Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

10 thoughts on “Quarantine Quandary

  1. Haha. I also got my chicken pox in fourth grade. The girl I sat beside on the field trip gave them to me. We were both out for the next week. Ugh, they were awful!

  2. OHHHH. I remember that my brother went to bed with chickenpox and I woke up with them. ITCHY! Apparently it wasnt a big enough bout of it though as I managed to acquire shingles this year. Nasty.

  3. Thanks SITStah! I've heard about people getting them in their eyes. Wow! I even heard of people getting them in their mouth and throat. Thank goodness there is a vaccine now.

  4. I had Holly Hobbie sheets! I still have the flat sheet — boy, is it thread bare. But it still takes me back.

    I got chicken pox when I was thirteen. I even got them in my eyes. My mom put aluminum foil on the windows because the light hurt me so bad. About the age you're describing I got measles. I remember a big, ol' stack of multiplication worksheets that kept me busy, too. Luckily, I wasn't out for two weeks.

    Nice to meet another Holly Hobbie girl. Stopping by from SITS. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. I lived in a neighborhood which was filled with kids. One of the kids got the chicken pox so our parents had us play together so everyone got infected at once and got it over with!

  6. Sitting home with the chickenpox is never fun. I don't remember if I ever had to stay home because of the chicken pox, I'm sure my mother knows (moms know everything)
    Nice of your dad to sit with you and teach you division while you had to stay home.


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