Snap Out Of It! (In My Cher From Moonstruck Voice)


I previously posted about pushing myself to accomplish tasks that I always put off. My manuscript of 16 years in the making is the one thing that I can’t seem to finish. It’s my ultimate project. It’s also that stumbling block in my life that I can’t get around. I thoroughly enjoy creating the story around some pretty fantastic characters in my opinion. But there is just something standing in the way of trying to pull it all together. It’s me. I had 5 goals for myself last year and publishing my novel was the only 1 I didn’t complete. I’m now exploring what type of content I want to write. I always thought it was full-length novels. Blogging has made me rethink that. Maybe short stories, articles, and reviews are more suited for me.


Problem: So many things I need to doSo many things I want to do. My novel gets put on the back burner often because I tend to focus on stress over whatever is in front of me at the time. Out of sight, out of mind. I’m a visual person. No doubt. My time-management skills need more discipline and structure. I read recently that you should not try to plan your day on the morning of. Nor should you plan your week on that Monday. Plan your week during the week prior. Not rocket science, right? Sure, but it’s my achilles heel.


Solution: One of the reasons I absolutely LOVE THE INTERNET is because the self-education is limitless. Yesterday I discovered Other Inbox. I have 6 e-mail accounts and they are all cluttered. Don’t ask! Other Inbox is an organizing and unsubscribing e-mail system. It’s helping me delete hundreds of unwanted and old e-mails quickly. It will also help me prioritize next step actions for the important ones. I also came across MindMeister. It’s a flow chart for your various projects. What I like about it is how it resembles my convoluted thought process. Hubs with millions of ideas and thoughts flowing from them. With this mind map system, I can type it all up and see it at once.


Virgos are detail oriented people and I can wrap myself all the way up in them. I can’t see the forest for the trees. If I can get a handle on the short term goals, I can complete the long term ones. Wish me luck for happier, healthier, and wiser days.

How are you working to overcome obstacles in your life?

This post is for Day 16 of the Blog Every Day In May Challenge: Something difficult about your “lot in life” and how you’re working to overcome it

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