We’re All In This Together

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It took me some time to embrace Twitter. I didn’t understand its purpose. But now that I’m in the connection business, I get it! It has helped me grow an audience for my blog. I have connected with many other bloggers because the reach is so wide. One of the highlights has been receiving direct messages and favorited tweets from actors on my favorite soap opera, The Young & The Restless. I don’t even care if it’s their assistant tweeting for them. It still makes me do the happy dance.


If someone follows me first, I check out their profile to make sure they are not a spammer. I also want to check the content of their tweets. If all is good, I follow them back. I check the @ Connect tab often to make sure I haven’t missed any Interactions or Mentions. I want to reply, favorite, or retweet if someone has taken the time to acknowledge me.


I also like being able to quickly see the mutual followers on someone’s profile. It helps me track how that person may have connected with me. I have the Twitter app on my phone which alerts me when someone has made a connection with me. Twitter also sends me e-mails with Twitter handles for people I may want to follow that are similar to someone I just began following.


I recently started doing Sponsored Tweets. It’s a quick, fun way to advertise brands for pay from your Twitter account. Advertisers send you an offer with required elements, links, and hash tags. You compose the tweet, send it to them for approval, and it is submitted from your Twitter account shortly after. The template on the website does most of the work, but the content is created by you. If your Twitter account is at least 60 days old with a minimum of 50 followers and 100 status updates, sign up here.

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Do you have any blogging tips to share?
What do you wish you had known before publishing your blog?


This post is for Day 6 of Rx Fitness Lady’s Mini Blog Challenge Party: What’s the 1 thing you wish you had known before publishing your blog or Favorite Social Network & Why/Tips


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