Y’all Come Back Now

I maintain my blog’s appearance to be colorful and user friendly. I hope it is all self-explanatory, but I’ll gladly introduce you to a few things. Come on in!

Home Page

Whenever you go to the main link for my site, beingawordsmith.blogspot.com, you will land on the home page. My latest post will be the first one.  Then you’ll see the previous four in descending order by date. 

Rigged Recipes 

The recipes on this page represent how I make certain dishes. I have rigged them to make them easier, tastier, and just a tad bit healthier for me and my family. You’ll find lasagna, meat loaf, and taco pizza to name a few.


HaHeWi Tips 

This page is filled with Happy, Healthy, And Wise tips for everyday living. A few quotes, anecdotes, and sage advice.

My sidebar items feature links to my social media pages, my most popular posts, an archive of all posts since my first one on January 9, 2013, and badges to show the communities that I connect with. 
Feel free to click on the ads if something piques your interest. No obligation to purchase.
At the very bottom of the blog, you will find tags (or labels). Each one represents posts in which I discussed that specific topic. They are arranged by the number of mentions. Right now my birthday boy, The Deuce is in the lead!
Is there anything you would like to see more of on my site? 
This post is for Day 2 of Rx Fitness Lady’s Mini Blog Challenge Party: Letter To Your Readers: How to use my blog 

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