Foto Friday: Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I’m linking up today with Melissa at Fit ‘N’ Well Mommy for Friday Favorites. She does a recap of her week with pictures about food, fitness, and family. My kinda girl!



Last week I told you about LIMU, a lifestyle drink that I have been taking that generates focus and productivity daily for me. LIMU has a line of meal replacement shakes, LIMU LEAN, and dietary cleanses also. Fucoidan, the special ingredient in LIMU ORIGINAL, is in these products as well.

I was looking for something to blend my Creamy Vanilla LIMU LEAN powder with instead of water. I decided on Coke Zero. Tasty! Later I added a little of the lemon flavored health cleanse to Sprite Zero (let’s just say a little dab will do you!). Wellness all around.



Had another great session on Tuesday for the Blogelina e-course. More great information for taking Being A Wordsmith to the next level. I’ll talk more about that next week. Enjoy your weekend!


How was your week?

What were your favorite moments this week?


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