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Session Two of Blogelina’s e-course for Profitable Bloggers discussed getting your blog ready for visitors. I have learned many great tips so far while taking these sessions. The e-course is geared towards beginners which I still feel like I can relate to after blogging for 5 months. However there are some things that I was already aware of but wasn’t quite sure how to implement them or why.

Own hosting and domain

Blogelina recommends and paying for your hosting and domain. I began Being A Wordsmith with Blogger because I was intimidated by WordPress, wanted to start blogging with a free site, and was impatient. I have a little knowledge of WordPress via a previous website I had. But a web designer set it up for me. WordPress allows more control, flexibility, and features with your own hosting and domain. Blogelina offers a Blogger To WordPress Transfer service that is more than 50% less than the costs of other transfers out there. This is my next big move for Being A Wordsmith. Can’t wait to do it!


About Page

  • Tell readers what the inspiration for your blog is
  • Why you are qualified to write about what you are writing about
  • What you hope readers will gain by reading it
  • How blog can help readers

Click here to see my revised About Page.


Search Bar

Bloggers should have a Search Bar for their site. It’s great to have LABELS or TAGS that readers can click on to see all of your relevant content for a certain subject. BUT a Search bar allows readers to enter a word or phrase that may be outside of that. Someone may be coming to your blog for something specific and this makes it easy for them to locate it. Make it easy for them.

One of the best parts about the e-course has been the question and answer portion at the end of each session. It’s fast and furious with dozens of people shooting out questions via chat. Tanya from Blogelina masters every one. The classmates have questions that I was considering or wish I had thought of! I am able to copy the entire chat at the end of the session and paste it in a document to review later. I’m looking forward to the next session!


What things do you wish you knew when you first started blogging?

What advice do you have for new bloggers?

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