Television Tuesday: Hollywood Exes

New things coming up for one of my favorite reality TV shows…




Hollywood Exes which premiered last year on VH1 with 5 sassy, strong females is coming back July 8, 2013 for a second season. With 2 new co-stars!

  • Nicole Murphy (ex-wife of actor/comedian Eddie Murphy), who is engaged to former NFL player and current TV host Michael Strahan (Live! With Kelly & Michael), is one of the executive producers for the show. She is a mother of 5 who gracefully tries to mediate the differences between the women (all long-time friends of hers) on the show.
  • Jessica Canseco (ex-wife of baseball player Jose Canseco) is always up for a good time. She’s a pistol and has had run-ins with all the women on the show except for her BFF Nicole. 
  • Mayte Garcia (ex-wife of singer/songwriter Prince) has been troubled by the death of her newborn baby for years. She seems to be getting back on track now with the adoption of a baby girl.
  • Andrea Kelly (ex-wife of singer/songwriter R. Kelly) had me in stitches constantly during Season 1 because she is the realest of the real. She fought hard to establish a dancing career in L.A. after years of being behind-the-scenes as her ex’s wife in Chicago. Most of the world didn’t even know R. Kelly was married. 
  • Sheree Fletcher (ex-wife of actor/rapper Will Smith) is the only cast member that is currently married. To a pastor! But don’t get it twisted, she will still tell you what’s on her mind. In the new season, she is adjusting to living with her husband full-time. They lived apart for most of their marriage because of their careers.

Who are the new co-stars?

Shamicka Lawrence (ex-wife of actor/comedian Martin Lawrence) is the newest cast member and her divorce is the most recent. The relationship lasted for 16 years, but the marriage for only a few. That makes for some turmoil in her life. She is also trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while battling the autoimmune disease Lupus.

Daphne Wayans (ex-wife of actor/comedian Keenen Ivory Wayans)??? This one is still a maybe. Although Daphne has been doing interviews for the second season of the show, she is absent from many of the releases that VH1 has put out. This mother of 5 was part of the original group that pitched the show’s first season. She admits that she got cold feet and backed out before it premiered. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out how big of a role she’ll play during the new season–if any.


Do you watch Hollywood Exes? If so, which Ex is your favorite?
What other TV shows are you looking forward to this summer?

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