Wordy Wednesday: Vet. Vetted. Vetting.


Vet. Vetted. Vetting. Such popular terms these days. I now realize they have been around for quite some time. But I first became aware of them during the HBO Original Movie Game Change. I could talk all day about Julianne Moore’s Golden Globe supersonic portrayal of Sarah Palin, but I would be digressing.


To “vet” as defined by Dictionary.com means to appraise, verify, or check for accuracy, authenticity, validity, etc. Hence procedures for presidential campaigns and in the case of the movie–John McCain’s running mate.


I heard it a lot on the now-defunct drama, Boss, on STARZ. I can’t believe that show was cancelled. Kelsey Grammer as a corrupt Mayor of Chicago was awesome. Now I’m digressing.


They are common terms on HBO‘s Original Series Veep. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ (only real post-Seinfeld success) awesome comic portrayal of the first female Vice President is a must-see. 


And don’t get forget the über-popular D.C. tv drama Scandal on ABC. Everyone should be vetted on that show! But that’s why surprises keep happening because no one has been.


Although it sounds like these words are just for politicos, they really are universal. Example: If I were vetted, you would learn that I watch a lot of television.

What’s your experience with vetting?

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