Foto Friday: Family Feud (I Mean Fun)

My 9 year old nephew (my only sister’s son) has been visiting this week with us. He and The Deuce have gone through a gamut of emotions, roles, and expressions. Cousins, brothers, playmates, enemies, friends, super heroes, basketball players, bike riders, and soccer team members. The way they interact reminds me so much of me and my sister when we were kids. They are 4 years apart and my sister and I are 5 years apart.

The Deuce is only 6 and as an only child is very protective of his things and ME. Nephew will be 10 next month, also an only child, and is very inquisitive. He is actually quite the wordsmith like me–his Tee Kimmy. Most of their conversations consist of Nephew’s large vocabulary and colloquialisms (my sister is a former school teacher) and The Deuce getting frustrated because he’s taking it all literally instead of figuratively. For example, “When pigs fly.”


I have had to be Switzerland some of the time but mostly Olivia Pope, i.e., It’s handled! Nothing made me gasp laugh more than hearing them call each other Diva and Cray Cray. Thank you TeenNick. Had no idea that either knew the words or the meaning. I still don’t think they know!

The mere suggestion that Nephew will be sent home early because of their disagreements sends them into a tizzy. Just like my sister and I were–couldn’t stay mad at each other long. Family is where the heart is.

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